Wednesday, February 23

I am in a pickle

Southern Cross is creeping up on me like kudzu, all sly and night prowler style, but eventually all consuming and a pain in the ass to deal with.

I leave Friday after a full day of work, which means I'm shooting out of town in full-on Friday rush hour traffic. I still have no idea how to get there, other than go south'ish, and instead of figuring out how to get there I'm spending my time blogging and whatnot. Other issues to be sorted out?

I owe Eddie O'Dea no fewer than 12 quality IPA's. Let's just say there's a situation that needs remedied, and Eddie can make things go away. He knows people.

Not only do I need to pick up some broceries, I also need some props for the O'Dea cameo in my Topeak Ergon Training Camp video. Also, scripting is not complete, and my writing staff is threatening to strike.

Tire set up. I've been lazy, and I was considering just leaving the Rampage on the front of the Meatplow for the race. Riding 50 miles of gravel on a 2.35 is stupid. I've got a better tire and a compressor, but I may remain lazy until the bitter end.

Race plan. I went to SSAZ with no plan. I carried a Camelbak I didn't need, had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just slogged around for 4.75 hours wishing I would have at least looked at the map for more than five seconds before the race started. I have to figure out the drop bag scenario and take full advantage of it. Not so much in the name of making great bike race, but more so I just don't have to carry a bunch of unnecessary shit around all day.

I know you're thinking "Didn't you just have a three day weekend?", or perhaps you're thinking "I'd really like a pickle right about now."

I spent my time this weekend wisely. Riding, doing trail work, riding, spending time with the family, and when I had free time... I sewed.

I knew if I didn't get my SSAZ 2011 patch on soon I'd probably never do it. The travel status former messenger bag (it's not really a messenger bag unless it's used for messengering) got a splash of color in the form of Dejay's mug, but before I could put the needle and thread away I got another idea.

This was a beer coozie... correction, this was actually two beer coozies before I got around to hacking them apart. I don't use beer coozies all that often as my beer hardly ever sits long enough to get warm, although Peter will tell you that's because I pour them out when no one is looking. I took the zipper off a bottle coozie, hacked the bottom off a can coozie, and voila.

WTF is it?

I know what you're thinking. "Don't you already have a Genuine Innovations Repair Wallet for your tools?"

Yes, I do. This project came to me in a dream, and instead of doing all the things I needed to be doing in preparation for Southern Cross I spent my free time making this really awesome beer coozie tool wallet. Why? Because it's bad ass.

What's in my wallet?

That stuff in the above image is my race set-up. In the wallet I have:

a 4, 5, & 6mm allen key
an old drivers license
a tire boot made out of a Maxxis tire hang card
a PC-1 master link
a $5 bill

The Awesome Strap Race (not available quite yet) holds my tube, CO2, a small chain tool, and an irrelevant tire lever. Inside the hidden "stash" container of my Mountain Pipe pump (which doubles as a CO2 inflator) I keep a few patches and a couple spare PC-1 links (in case things go to hell). The Mountain Pipe has a nice mount next to the bottle cage which keeps my jersey pockets open for healthy handfuls of aid station cookies.

I know what you're thinking now. "How can I get one of those magnificent beer coozie tool wallets?"

Well, I suggest you make one for yourself as I have no intention of going into full production. Perhaps the folks at Backcountry Research can take the ball and run with it, but if not I would consider making a "one off" IF you supply the coozies and a crisp $100 bill.

Tomorrow I have to leave early for my yearly physical and Friday I have to load my car before I leave for work. Expect the quality of the blog to be a direct reflection of the amount of time I have to spend writing my pre-race drivel.

PS: I love Bilenky. I really love this Bike Rumor pre-NAHBS interview with Bilenky. I really, really love this photo of a Bilenky employee rolling T-shirts Gap style while wearing safety goggles.

If you're at NAHBS this weekend make sure to stop by the Bilenky booth and tell Hot Carl I said "Hi."


mr rogers said...

Its really close to where fools gold starts. We are going to go up the big descent and down the opening climb from fools gold. Lots more up and down as well.

dicky said...

Hmmmm.. considering Elk and I spent at least an hour running on fumes looking for the Fool's Gold two years ago I would say your information does not bode well.

Namrita O'Dea said...

I posted directions on your facebook.

you'll see this sign:

and the entrance:

I know you can do it. It's way easier to find than the Wahsega 4-h center.

dougyfresh said...

it's more like Patagonia first layer shirts

shiggy said...

The beer cozy wallet is a get idea. I have several cozies I have never used. Will give this s try.

shiggy said...

GEEZZZE...if I could only spell, or at least look at the comment before I hit post...

Elk said...

Come up for the Bilenky Junkyard CX in December. You could build a weekend of beer drinking around it.