Thursday, February 24

You can't stop the good news train

The good news just kept pouring in yesterday. First I got an email from Grant at Swiftwick about Tuesday's post. While I was disappointed to hear that there will be no such thing as a Four Aspire, there will be a new sock coming down the line that I should like. It will be a tall'esque sock with a linked toe, and it will be the lightest sock they've ever made. I think it was going to be called the Dicky Bitches Too Much sock, but that's just the working name. Production socks will probably get a name that rolls of the tongue slightly easier. I put my vote in for Bagel Puncher.

Later in the day I sent an email to the folks at Backcountry Research regarding my beer coozie tool bag.

Although they are quite busy getting ready to launch the new Awesome Strap Race, the R&D department is looking into the feasibility of my idea. If you thought it was a great idea you might want to put the needle, thread, and coozies down and take a step back. My grandiose idea might become a reality, and they're saying that they can make them for way less than the $100 pricepoint I had in mind. Apparently they have machines that can sew faster than the people of Santa Poco*, so it shouldn't take an hour to make each one (as it did with the prototype). I'll let you know.

Then came the great news regarding mountain bike frames and the UCI frame approval process. Apparently there are no current plans to force the mountain bike industry to subject their equipment to the same process as road bikes that will be used in UCI competition. Why is this great news? I can only assume that the hold up on my new frame had something to do with this possible snag. Being that the only thing standing between a man and his custom frame is usually a curmudgeonly tinkerer with delusions of grandeur and a Napoleon complex I'm sure my frame sponsor was prepared to smelt my frame down to an aluminum Bocce ball if the UCI tried to mess with his world. I now expect to see my frame very soon, well as soon as the smugness wears off.

Speaking of smugness, this frame is not mine, IF is not making my frame, but this frame did arouse me in a weird sexual manner last night.

Anyways, with all the good news pouring in I felt so elated that by the time I got home to my empty house I decided to celebrate with a beer... which had to be drank quickly since I no longer had a usable coozie. I killed some time on the interent and stared at the Meatplow from across the room. With so much success in the air I went with the positive momentum and decided to swap my tires around.

The 2.35 Rampage came off, the Ikon 2.2 moved to the front, and a Small Block 8 2.1 was mounted to the rear... all in less than ten minutes. I can't believe I was avoiding that small amount of effort for over a week. The bike is down to 19.4lbs, and that's as good as it gets. I'm sure I'll be racing some folks with more sensibly tired cross bikes, but whatever.

When you're a hammer, everybody else is just a nail.

* Greatest movie ever.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Great news on the coozie tool bag and the socks! I thought the coozie reuse was an ingenious idea!

Anonymous said...

I figure they'll call it "the Dicky." I mean you are a tool bag so....


Anonymous said...

I predict your frame shows up with elevated chainstays and requiring a 29.4 seatpost.

Anonymous said...

coozie tool bag WITH a linked toe!


BIGWORM said...

Elevated chainstays?! Holy crap, please don't tell me your new frame is a custom Nishiki Alien, retrofitted for wagon wheels! NAh, too utilitarian. Maybe an Alpinestars boom tube frame...

Anonymous said...

I just hope it is one color.