Friday, February 25

I can bench press a car...

I've been distracted.

Last night while packing I wanted to listen to Barroom Hero to get stoked for the race, but my iTunes kept on playing down the list. When I hit this I just kept playing it over and over and over:


I'm now better prepared for the after party at the Montaluce Winery than I am the actual race.

Back when I "pushed the reset button" in January I thought I'd be somewhere else by now. While I was tracking my weight loss with fancy graphs and whatnot I forgot to plan around the month of February, a month with four significant dates all celebrated with the eating of calorie dense food. Not to mention a road trip to AZ, what with it's mandatory three meals a day...

Now I sit here just about as heavy as I was when I first hit the button.

March. That's the month. I can feel it. That will be the time when I walk away from the sweets in unruly disgust and, like my boy Grig, I will say....


Race report on Monday.


PS: I'll have some Awesome Strap Race samples (a few) with me at the race. Hit me up if I know you AND I like you.


ant1 said...

will you autograph the strap for me?

wv: forshu

i guess that's my answer.

Stephanie said...

Oh goody! I'm digging the new design.