Wednesday, March 9

It's not (entirely) my fault

Firstly, if you didn't read yesterday's post and you are a charitable person with extra money or a laptop you no longer need be sure to read it. OK?

Moving forward...

Last night a defective printer affected my ability to produce a quality post today. I was at the hospital with my mom hoping to get back home at a respectable hour. Her chemo drip was done, her port was flushed, and her bags were packed.

"Wait, you can't leave until you get your paperwork."

The printer was down, and no one could get it working. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally I just wheeled my mom out to the nurses station and stood there until someone could produce some sort of makeshift document for her to sign. I didn't get to bad last night until midnight, and as a result I am tired, grumpy, humorless, and quite bleary eyed.

My apologies in advance.

NAHBS is over, and that can only mean one thing; my frame should be here any day now.

I'm not saying my frame was at NAHBS. I'm not even saying that my frame builder was presenting at NAHBS. I just think that with NAHBS being over almost two weeks ago one could assume we are well into March which means my frame is more overdue than it was in February.

I could assume that it is taking so long because I was so damn picky with all the nits that could be picked in a nit picky manner. This frame has many features that only dozens of other builders have done before. No other bike of this material will have what this thing does... an awesome colorway (and some other cool shit).

I can imagine that the reason it is taking so long is that like all the other frames before it, somehow I have managed to jinx this one. That could be a viable answer, but it is not.

There's the remote possibility that my frame is going to be so incredible that the builder did not want anybody to see it until after NAHBS. It could be so breathtaking that nobody would have paid attention to anything at the show thus alienating him from the elitist cult of North American frame builders. Nobody hates NAHBS that much, well except this guy.

Some of those things might be true, but a recent update photo makes me think that my builder has just been busy lately.

That might be a photo shop. That might actually be an actual photo of my actual frame (obscured from view) being worked on by an actual frame builder (whose identity is protected). I think that the machine it's mounted to fills the tubes with electrified helium. I'm not sure. I know nothing about frame building.

Yes, I am talking about my frame. If it jinxes it even more, so be it. I'm already wondering how bored I'll be next year around this time if, heaven forbid, I choose to ride this frame for more than a year. What would life be like without all the waiting and frustration?

In late 2006 I was waiting for a frame that never showed. In early 2007 I got a frame that didn't work. In mid 2007 I got a frame that worked, then it broke, then it was fixed, and then it was broke again. In early 2008 I waited for a frame that showed up a couple months late and only days before my first race. In early 2009 I got a stock frame, but had to wait until a few days before my first race to get the crabon frok installed.

Now this joyride. I expect this experience by now.

How boring would it be to not go through this experience in 2012? What would I blog about then? Who should be lining up, standing by, waiting in the wings, on deck as it were? How should I burn this bridge that I am currently crossing? A small, slow burning fire or an explosion of epic proportions?

We shall see.*

* This message was not approved by my frame sponsor.


Peter Keiller said...

For now, I'm just going to hang out with these two smoking hotties and fly privately around the world. It might be lonely up here, but I sure like the view.

Anonymous said...

i am glad you finally took my hint to confront the lack of frame-i-ness.

mike brown, the annoying anonymous frame comment-or

Rigidnsingle said...

Agreed, I once waited so long for a custom and I was so angry by the time I got it I couldn't even look at it let alone ride the effing thing. It sits in my basement and the only thing that keeps me from selling is that I'll take a bath on it.
Custom guys should be more about the customer. we pay lots and shouldn't be left waiting so long..
I'll never go custom again..

dicky said...


Mine is a special situation that shouldn't be attached to the custom experience.

I'm 73.5% of the problem.

The rest is the fault of the Tea Bag Party.

Anonymous said...

Waltworks ALWAYS tells you how long it will be, keeps you in the loop so you know what to expect (via a posted list), beats his original deadline on a regular basis, AND his frames will last for a long time, avoiding this situation. The color will wear out before the frame (meaning one will tire of the color, but then you can just play the powder coat and resticker game when you become bored).

Just saying . . .