Tuesday, March 8

PSA and some facelifting

Back in April of last year I asked for your help, and you gave it. Many of you donated money to the Dindin family in Port-Au Prince, Haiti so they could rebuild their house after the earthquake of 2010. I also asked you to pre-order your Dicky's Death March jerseys, and out of those pre-order funds Twin Six donated 10% of their profits to match the 10% I coughed up. I am happy to report that the Dindin's are no longer living in tents, and they are back in their house. There is still some work to be done, but they are in a much better place.

Thanks for your help.

Want to help some more?

I'll make it short and sweet.

The Pie met Rhyan Buettner while she was volunteering in Haiti in 2009. Rhyan is opening a home in Haiti for HIV positive children (click that link for much more information). This woman is something else, but she can't do this on her own. She needs some help with funding the place, so click below and donate via Paypal.

Link above will take you to Rhyan's blog. This "Donate" button is on her side bar to the left.

Did I forget to say please?


One more thing, and then the other.

Big Worm has been hard at work with his Lap Top Round Up, and you can help him easy schmeasy. He's collecting old laptops to send to Haiti to be used in the Barbancourt Public School. Email him at if you've got a laptop you no longer need that could be used elsewhere to give a child a better future. He has promised out some of my dryer lint if you send him a laptop, and I've been washing my terry cloth undies more often than usual to prepare for the increased demand.

And now for the meaningless stuff.

There are/were some changes around here. I no longer have the Regular Doses, Suffering from Regularity Issues, or Have You Seen Me classifications for blog links on my sidebar. Since I have set it up so the most recently updated blogs shoot to the top, I have no reason to sort the names out for you. This change is due to the fact that I've been pestered by some folks to move them up and disappointed by others who aren't delivering the goods any more. Want to stay at the top? I suggest updating your blog eight or nine times a day.


I've also added the stupid icons to the bottom of every post so you can facebook, twitter, and whatever else you might do to each and every daily post with the click of a button. Look at me being all "social media aware" and shit.

I realize my time may have been better spent updating the header image since I'm still using the photo Big Worm took of me back in 2008. For that matter, the header image on my results page is outdated as well. I'm wearing my MOOTSkit and riding my MOOTSbike in Durango (2009), but George took a great photo, and I have nothing to replace it with.


Back to bike stuff tomorrow.


dougyfresh said...

I think you can add a few more links for people to share your posts with. There aren't enough icons..

dicky said...

Doesn't everyone need the ability to use digg or googlerush, or whatever the hell they are?

I'll clean it up.


dicky said...

Is that better Dough?

I feel less socially aware already.

Anonymous said...

going all commercial and stuff.first green day now you....Meh....;-)

Montana said...

I'm on top now! Wee!

Emily said...

OH THE PRESSURE! must update now!!

Anonymous said...

maybe your new frame is being inspected by the uci for cyclocross compliance simply because they've been trying to figure out how to fvck with you for years and they finally found their way in?

MCS said...

Thanks for posting the update on the family in haiti. Also thanks for post the info on Rhyan Buettner, she dose sound amazing. Glad to help.

dougyfresh said...

I kind of liked it better with the Christmas Tree of social networks ;)


thanks for the update. it's nice to hear of those type of things both The Pie and Big Worm are doing.