Thursday, March 31

Last day to show me how much you love me

What was I busy doing Wednesday night?

It was supposed to be a thirty minutes job. I was headed over to Jerry's place with my new hitch so he could help me install it, but before I got out of the driveway the UPS guy showed up with all the parts for my new Raxter Racks. Yes, racks plural. I got a three bike Thorax and a single bike Stinger. I threw it all in the car and hopped into rush hour traffic.

Jerry and I (mostly Jerry) had the hitch on in less than thirty minutes, and because I had thrown the racks in the car, we assembled the Stinger and mounted it up. It was sorta low on the Fit and stuck out a bit far. We stood there scratching our heads for a bit, and then came up with a plan.

We shortened the folding unit of the Thorax and then cut and drilled the Stinger to fit like a folder. Voila.

This is not stock. I can take out one bolt, push in the retaining pin, and swap over to the Thorax in less then five minutes. I'm not sure the folks at Raxter would ever see a market for the folding one bike rack. You'd have to be really picky like me to want something the folds up this tight when not in use.

The bike sits about as close to the car as I would want it. No chance of it swaying back and forth and hitting the car.

The timing on this all working out is quite weird. It was just two years ago that I got my first Raxter for my Element (along with a pretty ti bike) right before the Six Hours of Warrior Creek.

Anyways, if you have a Thorax and want to swap it out to a folding Stinger when the mood strikes you, bug the folks at Raxter and tell them how brilliant I am. Raxter, best rack I've ever used... period. Contact me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com, and I can get you a discount. I know people.

Warrior Creek. A friend of mine asked me if I was ready for the race this weekend. I did not know how to respond. My new 2011 "training" plan was to not train at all in March, so I'm as ready as my plan allows me to be. I firmly believe last year's mid-season burnout was a result of trying to ramp up way too early in the year. I hate "training" in March. I get into the swing of early morning rides, and as soon as I accept it as part of my daily life, the time changes and my early rides are in the dark... and cold. Fuck March.

My ankle (yes, I'm going to mention it again) is still swollen to about 145% of its normal size. It's stiff (my ankle) when I wake up, and it sometimes gives me problems throughout the day. Meh.

My weight is closer to where I want it than it was in February, but nowhere near my stupid, and perhaps unobtainable goal. I am swollen to about 145% of my ideal size. Meh.

I don't have my act together, and that means no blogging tomorrow morning. I gotta dig out and organize my six hour pit (a folding camping table, six water bottles, and a few packs of gel leftover from last year). I still need to pick out an outfit as well. I got my Dopers Suck jersey last week and spent over two hours making into a Team Dicky Edition sleeveless jersey.

Now we're looking at low 40°s at the start, so I'm gonna have to sack up if I wanna go to the gun show this Saturday.

Today is the last day to like and/or comment on my video for the Topeak Ergon Basecamp contest.

I've got plenty more likes than my competition, but I am quite lagging in the comments department. Half of them are from Peter and the other half are complimentary. After today the decision gets turned over to the powers that be at Team Topeak Ergon, and they will announce the winners tomorrow. Yes, winnerS. There will be a female selected and the competition between the two front runners has been way more heated than the men's contest. Politicizing the shit outta the facebook, they have. Can't wait to see who wins that one.

Remember, if I get picked this blog will get awesome for a few days in May while I regale you with tales of mixing it up with Team Topeak Ergon in the Sedona desert. If I don't get picked? Things will get ugly on here, like the Blogcott of 2009 ugly.



Mike Z. said...

I am pretty sure any hitch on that Fit instantly voids its warranty, might wanna check on that and do some un-posting/un-bolting

Anonymous said...

At least the front wheels didn't come off the ground.

What, no graphs? Meh

Riding with dogs said...

Nice rack
I've actually been using Raxter for some time, I'm only on my 2nd rack cause some douche bag ran into the 1st in the grocery store parking lot.
I want to see more pics of the Fit, also give us some gas mileage comparisons, I like both it and the Element. See you @ the 6HWC

cornfed said...

"Contact me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com, and I can get you a discount. I know people."

Too bad the people don't know you.

Full retail doesn't equal getting a discount douchebag.

Nice work on the custom 1 rack setup. Wish Jerry had been here to help with my install.

Best rack I've ever had though, even despite getting retailed.

Anonymous said...

Thad, Maybe if your email address wasn't wantabigpenis? your message wouldn't have ended up in their junk inbox.

dicky said...

Frick. If your email address wasn't maybe your emails wouldn't have ended up in their junkmail box.

Anonymous said...

Good info, Rich. I'm about to get the Stinger. I like that you can add the additional 2-trays in a snap but just leave the single on full-time. The Thorax looks "sway-ey" at the hinge, or at least probably would with 2-3 bikes on it..

dicky said...


You confuse me.

Email me so we're on the same page.

teamdicky at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

speaking of prep for Warrior Creek...

DO you have any suggestions for folks riding in their first 6-hour or 24-hour race?

dicky said...

Me? Advice???

Oh, I get it.

April Fools.