Wednesday, March 30

I've got better things to do

I feel like I'm missing something...

Oh yeah, sleep.

Go to bed late, lay there trying to process the last 5+ hours of my day, endure a restless night's sleep, all to wake up at 5:45am when I throw in the towel.

Pouring rain right now. Gonna pour for awhile. I checked to see how all this precipitation is affecting the course at Warrior Creek, but it is currently down so I had to go to the old fashion weather site.

Meh. The trails may be moist. You will get muddy, you might get nasty.

I got a new Awesome Strap Race the other day, and I don't see this pattern available for purchase on the site.

I do not know what is up with that. Maybe it's a Team Dicky exclusive. Maybe they just forgot to put it on the website. I wonder if it's tougher then a standard strap.

Diamond Plate = Metal

There's a new post on Cush's TSE blog. Yet another interview with the nefarious Mark Weir. Also photographer extraordinaire AE Landes did a little digital image retrospective of the times between the racing at TSE. Among my favorites is this captured moment of Grig Martin giving us fellow single speeders an impromptu lecture on how to be more handsome just by using the power of your mind.

Also in big TSE news, the race was included in the Velonews Ride Guide "Must do" list.

I haven't seen it for myself. I don't write for Velonews, and I've never been in it, so it must be a semi-irrelevant publication. I only found out about the good news from the Facebook.

Facebook and mountain biking. There's a topic worthy of some literary genius's attention. If only we had a literary genius in the house that wrote for an established and awesome mountain biking periodical. Pulitzer stuff right there.

The (other) folks from Dirt Rag came down to NC for a visit. My phone never rang. My esteemed colleagues from Industry Nine and Cane Creek played the part of mountain host while I lived my normal life here in Charlotte.

From left to right: Some older guy from Dirt Rag, some younger guy from Dirt Rag, and some guy from Cane Creek that didn't call me.

I guess departmental memos are going missing again. I'm going to have to have my people look into this... as soon as I get some people. I need some people to help me get some people.

As I type this morning I am disturbed by what I see. My bike room is an abhorrent mess. Cardboard boxes, sundrious new equipment that needs addressed, and clothes strewn about the floor. Instead of begging for more traffic on my video (no link required), I'm gonna clean this mess up now.

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Anonymous said...

Nice looking strap!! I have been planning on ordering one, but can't figure out what color.

You forgot to mention beer in your facebook reference.