Monday, March 14

One ride, one video, two wrecks

The first wreck was Saturday. The second was Sunday.

On Sunday I was riding with Stabby and Eric Van Driver. We rendezvoused at the Backyard Trails for some leisurely paced, feature enhanced mountain bike pleasantries. We went over to a part of the woods less visited but recently enhanced. New things abound since my last visit.

I ignored cardinal trail feature riding rule number one: Check features before riding them.

Wooden structure-to flat rock pile-to log ride. Easy, right?

Well the structure was not secured in any way, and I was sent down and to the left dragging my bike along with me.

I believe it's a warranty issue now.


All in the name of good times, aside from the gouged magnesium of course.

On the Marion Diehl side of things I noticed an interesting trail marker.

Oh wait, that's not a trail marker. That looks like local rider and fellow Bike 29 teammate Mudman's undie pants.

Upon closer inspection I determined these were not Mudman's, as he wears a size extra clydesdale in pink mesh thongs. They certainly smelled like his... a scent reminiscent of a mix of cheap nachos, elitist IPA, and success.


The first wreck I was talking about?

I finished my Topeak Ergon Base Camp video contest... errrr... umm... video.

During the filming of said video I wrecked about 90 yards from the back door of my house. It is magnificent. I have ridden over the thing that I wrecked on a million times, yet I waited until I strapped on a camera to fall into the chasm.

I will be putting the video on facebook tomorrow. You will not see it anywhere except on the Team Topeak Ergon facebook page (if I can load it on there). You will be able to see it if you do not already like the Team Topeak Ergon page, but you won't be able to comment on my video or like it. I want you to wait until tomorrow, and then go over there, make nice-nice by liking them, and then watch my video.

Seriously, wait until tomorrow to like them. I want you to send an overwhelming message to them that YOU want ME to go to Sedona, AZ. Let's face it, the blog would be way more interesting if I go, and if I end up at the Topeak Ergon training camp life will be better for all of us. Even though I always take my camera on road trips and never take any photos, this time I promise that I will... if you like the video or leave comments en masse.

We can do this. I believe in you. You believe in me. We've got a nice thing going here.

That was a nice photo of a pair of panties, wasn't it?

I bet roadside panty finder and connoisseur Jason Mahokey is pretty jealous right about now.


Jason said...

LOL! As I was reading I could feel the jealousy building! My new home in Michigan has been void of the seeming constant flow of roadside panties and undie sightings that Western PA offered. Here it's just deer heads and living room furniture.

Your sighting was some serious stripper wear.

TheMutt said...

I am deeply offended, but only by the cheap nachos part. The rest is probably true.

dougyfresh said...


Tim said...

I'm amazed that that smell still lingered. Props for smelling it up close