Tuesday, March 15

Go watch the video.


There won't be much to read today. The result of hours of labor is now posted on the Team Topeak Ergon facebook page. Although the video is only 1:35 long, great pains were suffered to try to make it slightly entertaining.

I did wreck while filming.

It did make the final cut. You won't see the video on Youtube, Vimeo, or at your local artsy fartsy local theater. I hope you waited until today to like the Team Topeak Ergon facebook page if you didn't like them already. I noticed their likers went up almost 7% since yesterday. I hope that wasn't you jumping the gun. We don't need that kinda rambunctious mentality at this juncture.

So go watch it, like it, comment on it, and then watch it again like a marathon session of Better of Dead.

What are you waiting for? Help me go to Sedona, AZ so I can ride with Team Topeak Ergon in May and have tons of blog fodder which I can then share with the class upon my return.

Now all of you, be off, go watch the damn thing already.


TheMutt said...

You got my vote, sucka. Nice product placement with the Bike29 shirt, btw.

ant1 said...

you're gonna need a lot more votes Dicky. the video below yours is kicking your ass.

bentcrank said...

I think the guy with the dog is going to beat you.

Big E said...

I went. I liked. I pushed more buttons. I liked some more. I laughed. I cried. I am back. A better man for the journey. Thank you.

Jared Janowiak said...

I like the cut of your jib, Dicky. This blog entertains me while at work.

The video was nice, but I can't like it for you since I'm not on Facebook. "I'm not on Facebook" is going to become the new "I don't have a TV", and I am riding the elitism train to the end of the line.

CB2 said...

I like to watch tv while on facebook and I think you need to publicize the Sonya Looney factor more.