Wednesday, April 6

Misdirected Traffic

Enough sour Ergon green grapes. I can't stomach them any longer. There will always be more contests to win.

Thad's theory concerning my loss: I should have never posted the provocative image of Topeak Ergon rider Irina Kalentieva from her awesome "Race Day" video.

Powers that be, I snub my nose at thee once more.

I'm a man, I like boobies, so kill me.

Sunday I promised myself a proper recovery from Saturday's efforts; a short road ride, time on the foam roller, a nap... I did none of those.

I went straight to yard work when I got up. Gina the guide dog puppy went off to her second year of the guide dog process, and I was left with a yard that had been slightly altered by a black Labrador.

After the yard work I caught up on emails, cried a little, slunk around the house, and then got back to business. My bike needed cleaned and beer needed drank.

Did I mention the first couple laps around Warrior Creek were a little messy?

Maybe a lot messy? Since I had two water bottles (unlike Kelly Klett's one dangerous bottle) I chose to keep them outta the elements.

My new Awesome Strap Race was coated in North Wilkesboro's finest soil...

Which reminded me of the test I did back in February 2010 where I packed mud onto an original Awesome Strap to prove a point. The mud was real, but the application was simulated, so I was always a little embarrassed about the test.

So I decided to see what my bundle of tube, CO2, tire lever, etc. looked like after a real exposure to real mud at a real race.

Off the bike and still looking crusty.

Strap removed and still a bit clumped.

Tube unfurled and mostly unmudded. I knocked the residual mud off with a swipe of my hand, and it was good to go. I forgot to cover the threads on my CO2 cartridge with some tape or a rubber doo-hickey, but a quick twist in my fingers, and I was able to spin on my Microflate Nano inflator. Note to self: always keep one cartridge ready for mud and always bring it along in case the course gets an unpredicted deluge the night before.

Well how about that?

I try to send some traffic over to Backcountry Research, and they go and take a break. I guess sewing straps 12 hours a day wears on you sometimes, and what's that about "new products?" Dunno... maybe they have my Tülbag (pronounced tūl-bahg) ready?

Say it with me.



Skip Grateful said...


dicky said...

Thanks Skip.

Now everybody...

cornfed said...


I vote for Irina Nip Wednesdays. Just what I needed.


TheMutt said...

My Awesome Strap didn't get any mud on it like that. Maybe it's because your tiny little bike is so much closer to the ground.


Anonymous said...


Kyle said...

High Beam Boobies!

I vote for boobies Wednesday!

Sir Chico Demonte III said...


Anonymous said...

as much as i love to say Boobies i actually came here to ask about ...mustard !! i see from time to time you saying something about mustard to prevent cramps during a race, is it a sport nutrition product or just simple plains mustard pockets ?
and if you dont mind telling me what about mustard help to prevent cramps.


Anonymous said...

is your (boobies) new bike (boobies) so awesome or (boobies) so sucky that (boobies) you don't comment on it(boobies)?

The above is a sample of how often the average male thinkgs about boobies.

Shane S. said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with Anon, 6 hours of race on the new psycle and not a word. Let's have that review already. I am sure your "nonsponser" is eager as well