Tuesday, April 26

Stuff I missed, and stuff from Swiftwick, Genuine Innovations, and Thad

The bad news is that my fitness is at an all time low for late April.

The good news is that I've found new motivation to get in shape. Realizing that I am nowhere near burnt out, I can start the burn out process ASAP.

The bad news (for you) and the good news (for me) is that once a week I will be getting up at 5:00am and going for a road ride. This also means that I'll be cutting back to four day blog weeks UNTIL the Trans-Sylvania Epic is behind me. I've got to do something to beat these guys (and girl):

If all goes according to plan (no rain at 5:00am tomorrow), I'll be mounting up my lights and heading out into the darkness in less than 22.5 hours. If it rains, I'll reschedule the ride. I either get paid to ride in the rain or else I've paid a non-refundable entry fee. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Since I'm going to be taking a day off, and I'm way behind, prepare for a big dump of unrelated information.

My mud encrusted legs were used to promote a race that has nothing to do with the image used in the promotion of said race.

The actual image is from TSE, the photo taken by A.E. Landes, and the snot hanging out of my nose was cropped out in the brochure.


Other news I uncovered...

The single speed winner of the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, Tim Finkel, is a doper...

or at least the single speed version of a doper.

Moto-pacing? Eeesshhhh. Sobriety, moto-pacing, coaches...we need to make a list for the SS-WADA. Non-structured, pre-dawn road rides will not be put on the list.

When I came home from the beach I found some boxes of happy waiting for me. Thad the Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Marsupial procured me something that no other man could.

He originally turned me onto them, I already have two of them on my Meatplow, and now I have one for the Superbeast.

If you ride a small frame and actually get thirsty, the Specialized Z-Cage is the cage for you. So nice to be able to pull out a bottle AND get it back in without dropping it.. eh Kelly? Now all I need to do is get out and ride this bike once and awhile.

I also got my long lost copy of Dirt Rag #155 VIA USPS Priority Mail.

Apparently my name was dropped off "the list" but has now been put back on the list and shall also be put on the Bicycle Times list. The benefits of being a "contributor," I guess. I think issue #155 was more full of bike stuff than any previous issue I've gotten in the past, but I have no hard data to back that up. Of course there's another article from me in there that's worth reading, but most of you have already read it weeks ago.

Those socks I keep talking about but not really sharing details regarding what makes them so special? You know, the top secret Swiftwick socks I've been dreaming about for years?

Remember when I mentioned how much I loved my new 2" Aspires (you don't have to remember since I linked it for you)? What made me happy was the new linked toe (no seams).

What made me unhappy was the unfortunate 2" cuff length. Well, I guess I bitched enough or some might say "too much."

First of all, the great news is that I now have a 4" sock with no seam on the toe. The bad news is that I can hardly give an unfettered review when Grant sends the socks to me with a coupon for a free Kid's Size Icedream from Chik-Fil-A. Seriously, if they don't call the new sock "The Bagel Puncher" I think it will sell millions. If they do call it "The Bagel Puncher" they will sell billions. It is my new favorite sock... too bad you can't buy them yet.

I would include a photo, but I don't have one at the moment. The socks are currently back in the bedroom, and The Pie is sleeping. They look just like the 2" sock... just 2" taller. Use your imagination.

I also got a box from Genuine Innovations when I returned home. Although the box was just addressed to a generic "Rich Dillen" I knew they must love me. Inside were the goodies.

The new Air Chuck Elite. I think it should be called the Air Chuck Elitist, but that's just me. Anyways, lighter than the old Elite by 25% which means I will be that much faster this year without even trying. Also included were a couple GI tire levers to replace the ones I handed to riders in need out on the course that were never returned or returned in more than one piece.

I also got a fresh supply of CO2's for the 2011 season, including the new fat20.

According to the GI press release, this CO2 will get a 2.1 29er tire up to 43PSI. I will have to tinker with one and see where it will get me in a 2.35 Rampage before I make the call to put this in my Awesome Strap Race, but I have a good feeling it will get me well over 20PSI (where I'd wanna be with a tube in my front tire).

I also put in a special non-racer boy request for patches.

Being that I finally used up the 100 patches I bought eons ago, I asked for a refill. This should see me through another decade or so of messenger work.

Hope that tides you over for now.

See you Thursday (or tomorrow if it's raining).


Rob said...

I'm pretty sure the SS-WADA are going to ban 5 am morning road rides once the test method is validated. There will be a theraputic use exemption for riding home if you've been out all night

cornfed said...

Where do 1.5 hour singletrack rides twice a week at 8PM fit in the SS-WADA rules? I'm not getting any saddle time so I figured the best way to prepare for PMBAR is to ride around in the dark until I scare myself with poor music selection (I recommend removing all background scream containing songs from the iPod).

bentcrank said...

I think your rubber fell off the shaft. Shaft must be too small.

Cornfed, fix your clocks! You can get a good 1 1/2 hours of riding in with out your light if you start that early.

Anonymous said...

is the fat20 named in honor of your new shape and pounds added this year?

the original big ring said...

I take my clothes off and have a bath (oh, just you wait and see) and no one sends me shit.