Thursday, April 28

Rally the Facetroops

How did yesterday's ride go?

I'll get to that later.

The big news is that all the votes originally cast on the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race blogger's contest (AKA PMBSRBC) have been nulled and voided. Apparently can have issues with people casting multiple votes. I learned some new vocabulary words in this process; "proxy server" and "cookies." Cookies was already in my top ten vocabulary words which includes beer, sex, sandwich, boobies, pizza, and four more words for boobies.

But that's not the kind of cookies we're talking about.

As one of the contestants so eloquently put it on his/her blog:

"Check my blog updates often and re-vote. There is no limit to your voting either, and don't think the competition ingnores that."

Therein lies the rub, granted that's the logic that got the whole pro peleton on the juice.

It's not that someone may have cast multiple votes for themselves nor was the casting of multiple votes against the original rules to begin with. It's just that it isn't in the spirit of the contest, and rather than have it happen I guess they decided to go with another voting site.

I know some of you don't facebook, but understand that by putting it on facebook, people only have one vote. Nice and tidy.

So if you are a facebooker, please go here and vote. If you are not a facebooker, I'm guessing you didn't get half the jokes in my last Dirt Rag article. Too bad.

Be sure to share your vote, ask your cycling friends to join in on the vote, and print fliers to stick on telephone poles all over your neighborhood.

About yesterday's ride...

I did not get up at 5:00am to go for a ride.

It was 4:38am.

I had trouble sleeping knowing that I had a big ride in the dark when I got out of bed, so I gave up trying to sleep. I headed out the door after my oatmeal and knocked out a couple hours around town. I got lost twice... maybe three times, but I don't know.

I ended up on a road that dead ended at the Lance Cracker factory. The entrance looked like Fort Knox (or at least what I picture Fort Knox to look like from all those cartoons I watched as a kid). All in all, a good first effort. Remember, I'm only doing this until the Trans-Sylvania Epic, so just four more of these pre-dawn ride/no blog days left to go.

One more thing...

It's time again for the Granogue's Big Bike Gear Drawing that benefits the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation.

Tons of bike prizes up for grabs (including an EWR frame) and only $5 for a raffle ticket (price breaks at 5, 12 and 25). Your ticket will be purchased through BikeReg with credit card or paypal.

Do I know a woman with cancer right now?

Oh yeah, my mom.. and Jen.

Buy a ticket...

and vote for me.


TheMutt said...

Cap'n Dick's FaceArmy. That has a nice ring to it.

WV: schodu

The Los said...

Cap'n Dick's FaceArmy?!? That sounds like a decidedly unsavory adult video.