Friday, April 29

What, no mustard?

This morning I will head out the door early for the annual Ride with the Mayor. This event is the official kick-off of Bike Charlotte.

The ride is short, like one mile short. I still feel there is some importance in showing up, letting the mayor (and whoever else is paying attention) know that people of Charlotte DO ride their bikes IN Charlotte. I'm not saying I support all of the mayor's politics nor am I saying I'm that I'm really into the free breakfast... although I did run out of oatmeal yesterday. Seventeen days of bicycle related events in the 704. This day it just happens to end in the same place that I work.

Hooray bikes.

The blogger's contest is going well. The hard part is that it will last a-whole-fucking-nother month. Once I tap all my resources getting more votes will be next to impossible. So I'll bug everybody once and awhile here and hope for the best there. If you haven't voted all ready, head over to facebook and do so now. Send me to the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race and make both of us happy.

Big news on the Trans-Sylvania Epic front. There's a lot of information there to absorb, but the coolest thing is flaik. What's flaik? Basically it means live tracking of each rider's position on the course. You'll be able to "watch" the race from home, and thanks to something called geofencing you'll be able to enjoy keeping up with Dave "Fourth Place" Cormier as he wanders off course each and every day. There are some other tidbits over on MTBRacenewscom; course improvements, sponsors, cyclingdirt coverage... go read it.

This weekend?

If things go as planned, I'll make it to the mountains for my first and only ride with my 2011 PMBAR partner Zac Avant before the event.

We will focus on team building skills, navigation, compatibility, the lyrics to The Final Countdown, and hatred for the other teams...especially Emily and Thad. No real good reason to hate on them, since they are not a threat, but they did try to keep their alliance a secret from me, and I hate secrets. There are plenty of real threats to deal with. The pasty white bearded hill people are gonna be there, the Antique Gun Show with Carey Lowery, Little E and Molasses Hance, K**tz and BrouSSard, Kee and Fusco, and also the freaking Koerbers (Sam and Grandpa Bob... those Koerber's are like rabbits). I've finished behind most of them at one time or another. Shit, it's gonna be hard to pull out a win this year. Meh. Good thing I've got a lot of hate to go around.

Second to Sam Koerber and Brad Kee in 2008.

Second to Wes (leader of the pasty white bearded hill people) in 2009.

We can just forget about last year. It doesn't count.

This is the year that Fink beats The Stomach.

Half eaten weenies don't count.

This is weenie war.

And yeah, I should be in Arizona tomorrow, but I won't be.

Get ready for the Monday you deserve.

The Virtual Tour of my bike room continues (as your lack of participation dictated):

"Part Three: What's in the Big Blue Bins?"

"Are those my missing panties?"


Billy Fehr said...

Are you implying that the Mayor (or anyone else for that matter) is paying attention? The garbage trucks are lined up on Martin Luther King Junior BLVD.

dicky said...

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

Emily said...

Curses, I keep forgetting to trash talk you! Anyway, suffice to say you will be surprised to be crushed by the seemingly harmless Thad and Emily.
Thad finally figured out who had that voodoo doll of him, and how many more times can he be flooded in the next couple weeks? things are looking up!

Anonymous said...

we participated..its not our fault all our comments and "likes" were meaningless and in the end "the man" just picked who he liked the best...

dicky said...


I know. No hard feelings.