Monday, May 2

And now, as promised....

The continuation of the Virtual Tour of Bad Idea Racing Headquarters:

"Part Three: What's in the Big Blue Bins?"

I emptied bin #1 out, inventoried it, took photos, and am now ready to share.


An ass load of saddles. Some new, some newer, some used, and some worthless. Don't know what else to do with them, so they sit in the big blue bin and await their fate. Yes, there is a two tone Flite cover in their as well as a pointless rain cover.

Body Armor

Theses MEC knee/shin pads were my first foray into body armor back when I had a big bike. The first time I wrecked in them they just slid around my leg and exposed my knee to the abrasive earth. I ended up getting new ones from Fox (sucked) and then got some from high end ones from Dianese before I realized how much I hated wearing armor.

A Camelbak (Somethingbak?)

My late father bought me two of these when I really got into 24 hour racing. I don't know where the other one is. I never use them, but I can't seem to part with it either.

Worthless cranks

American Classic cranks that are cracked at the spider and first generation Race Face X-Type that wallowed out at the spindle. I'm thinking they might make nifty door pulls someday.


For "that time of the month"... when I clean my bike.

Go Pro HD camera

I keep it in the big blue bin so I don't knock it around on the workbench and break it.

Two 1" quill stem adapters

Very sought after equipment in the hipster world. Not needed since I got my Syncros stem.

Bad light purchases and a moldy Camelbak drinking tube

There's at least two not so great LED lights in the box. They suck, but they cost money so I can't throw them away. They are too weak to trail ride with and too bulky for commuting. Suck ass. No idea why I still have the moldy tube.

Seatposts and stems

I have tons of Thomson bags laying around my house, but oddly enough only one Thomson stem and one Thomson post... neither in current use. Why keep these stems/posts in Thomson bags? What else am I gonna do with these Thomson bags?

Worthless saddle bags

Made pointless with the invention of the Awesome Strap. I don't know why I keep them. Two are brand new and two are ratted out and full of holes.

Not so awesome straps

Before there was an Awesome Strap I could just go out and buy, I tried to make my own. Here are the remnants of the many methods I tried to utilize in the making of great bike race. All were failures in one way or another.

New grips

Ergons won in the not so won Topeak Ergon contest and some old school Ritchey WCS grips that I lost that loving feeling for before I ran through all my back stock. I'm saving the Ergons for when my current GA-1's wear out on the Tallboy, so keep your offers out of my comments. Old used grips are kept elsewhere.

Back up tires

Two new Rampages from Bike 29, a Prowler I got from last year's PMBAR, and a Wolverine I "won" at last year's TSE.

One pointless tire

A UST 26" Scorpion. No idea why it was in the big blue bin. It has been relegated to the pantry, the closet of misfit tires.

That's pretty much everything worth seeing. There might be some dust balls and loose screws, but nothing else worthy of note.

Are you happy now?


Suck it.


Anonymous said...

Now somebody's going to break into your house for all that valuable scrap metal.

wv: wicani: Any of y'all wicca?

Moe said...

That's some good stuff Dicky!

cornfed said...

Yeah UST is pretty much pointless nowadays.

Anonymous said...

That one seat look familiar

mike said...

Wanna let me demo one of those WTB saddles? ; ) Nice collection there!

Anonymous said...

How come you didnt have a contest to see who could guess what was in the bin? Not fare! You get to be in contests.