Thursday, June 30

TdB bound and an almost announcement

I think I am going to do something that is unprecedented ever since I started this blog back in January of 2006. I'm actually considering a "mancation."

I might actually travel more than three hours from my house in order to ride my bike in a new location without an actual race or event being the motivation for said travel. I've been wanting to do it for some time, it's just that I did not want to organize it, but would be happy to join in on a "mancation in progress."

You will know more when I know more, which is to say, not now, but maybe later.

Before I get back to packing for the Le Tour de Burg, I wanted to show you this, which I saw first on Dirt Rag:

I am not much of a pack guy, but when I use a pack I either grab my trusty 70oz Octane LR or its slightly larger counterpart, the 100oz Charge 450. So what's Camelbak coming out with in 2012?

The Charge LR... a power packed Octane that basically puts the best of both worlds into one pack, and they're making it in a color that doesn't hurt my eyes. Better compartmentalization, bigger/better waist pockets, more padding, bladder that sits lower than a pebble pusher, and did I mention it's dark gray?

They have decided to go with over-the-shoulder hose routing instead of the under-the-shoulder routing on the Octane LR. Apparently I am the only guy in the world who likes it that way. Meh. I can always poke a hole in it.

I will have to play some mind games on my guy at Camelbak to obtain one of these before the average consumer can purchase one for themselves. Yes, I have a guy at Camelbak. Most companies, once they start dealing with me, realize that they have to hire a guy just to deal with my annoying emails and phone calls. This position is typically known as "Dick Handler." The pay is commensurate with the risk, hassle, and pain involved.

Dick Handling ain't easy.

Tomorrow I am on my way with Zac to the Tour de Burg, first stop: Tour Directeur Carp's house.

You know the place.

In every neighborhood there is one house that adults whisper about. In Harrisonburg, that would be Carp's house.

Zac and I will be living under the stairs in the Stankment for the week. If we are lucky, maybe Buck will feed us through the vents.

Anybody interested in a "Dick Handler" position, go ahead and forward your résumés my way. Small, soft hands are a big plus.


Kark said...

if yer announcyment is related to the recent nattering & clucking heard round the knitting circle then bravo.
Guaranteed good times, costumes, manfoolery and a parade of poorly considered decisions will be order of the days.
and who doesn't love a parade.

Josh said...

No contest, the Charge LR is the best pack I have used_lightweight and very well thought out.

Anonymous said...

Yea, we've had an open Dick Handler position here at Dicky's local bike club in Charlotte for years. No volunteers yet for this scintillating role.