Wednesday, June 29

Thinking of a master plan

More Tour de Burg prep was had last night. Since I have now ripped an IKON EXO tire thrice in less than six months of use, I felt it prudent not to take it to the Virginia Badlands. Taking its place is the 2.2 WTB Wolverine, otherwise known as the WTB BFT.

This Big Fucking Tire will more than likely not flat, but it will surely slow me down. Heavy, but better than having to stop to fix a flat and beg Harlan for a spare tire later.

I've also come up with a plan of attack, or more to the point, a plan of non-attack for the race. I realize that I am on a very similar path of self destruction to the one I chose to follow last year. I do not want to blow up again, and I think I can pinpoint my 2010 downfall to the TdB, or at the very least, the bottom of my downfall. Too much horseplay and stupidity for sure. Chasing down pointless KOM points, launching off the front of the A-group trying to chase down a lone breakaway rider, trying to put in a "solid ride" on the mountain bike... all less than a great idea.

There's a term that gets bandied about at Le Tour; "slumming." To "slum" is to not put out a full effort, to be comfortable at the back, to just enjoy the ride. It's not quite DFL, which takes a maximal amount of minimal effort to achieve with this bunch and a jersey on the line, but it's very close. This year I will absolutely be slumming, especially on the road sections where I will be seeking out a slum partner to get me through the hard times. I spent too much time in no man's land chasing the dust plumes and ghosts of much better riders last year. Lesson learned. If you can't run with the big dogs, find another small dog to walk with (and then piss in the big dogs' shoes when they're not around).

Did I mention just how poorly I'm descending on the road bike lately? Worse than ever. I spend far too little time ripping down the asphalt at 40+ in my underwear to be comfortable. Last week's road ride showed me that I'm going to have to bring up my downward game if I don't want to let my slum partner down. I sucked really, really bad.

The mountain bike portions will be ridden fast enough to be fun, but not so fast as to be aiming towards any goal more noble than to hurry towards the hummus and cheese sandwiches and Coke. I've got another plan in the works there, and although I doubt I'll be able to stick with it, we shall see.


cornfed said...

Wow, I get a 29'er and you get all lame. What is the world coming to?

WV: ounks - west virginian for ouch

dicky said...

No, you get a 29'er and get all lamer.

dicky said...

BTW: Lame is all part of the master plan of awesome.

Chris said...


Not gonna be much help with the dance party attire, but I think that I've got the solution to your down-roading woes:

Apparently, this thing will have you cornering like yer on a Moto GP bike (does "GP" stand for "Garth Prosser"?)

I'm coming down for Sunday; maybe can slum about with you for a bit.


dougyfresh said...

borrow Peter's dance pants

or bring your denium tights

dicky said...

Peter doesn't like me anymore.

cornfed said...

Cuz you're lame.

wv: plootege