Tuesday, June 28

Top ten reasons the Tour de Burg is better than that "other tour"

#1 Of the six days of Le Tour (de Burg), only two of them involve road bikes.

#2 Of those two days on road bikes, racers will see more than 40 miles of gravel.

#3 On one of those road days, racers get to look forward to a MTB time trial that night.

#4 When was the last time you saw Andreas Kloden hop in a truck with TdF race director Chistian Prudhomme to go mark the next day's stage with spray paint?

#5 No sissy pants neutral support Mavic vehicles. You're on your own out there. I've seen 2005 SSWC Champion Buck Keich standing at the side of the route changing flats so many times it's burned into my retinas. A World Champion changing his own flats? Sacrebleu!!

#6 No racers get kicked out for drug use. There is no Team Green in the other tour.

#7 Racers stop like civilized people to have lunch in the middle of the day. There are no man purses (musette bags) filled with paninis and Perrier.

#8 WADA will not be there, and the only blood that will be drawn will be spilled.

#9 Lance Armstrong will not show up and grab all the attention.

#10 Tourmalet? Ventoux? Alpe d'Huez? We got the Reddish Knob Shirtless Club for Men Dance Party.

photo cred: Nater

Another A E Landes TSE photo? I thought you'd never ask.

Here I am on the top step of the podium after stage three.

I am attempting to be slightly taller than Straub since his large'esque stature is taking away from my glory.

Winning one for the little people.


Mark said...

Tour De Burg rules!!! Hellzzzyea! Will be up riding Masanutten in 7 days!!!!

nathan shearer said...

I dunno, if Lance showed up with that 'stache, he might have a lock on tha 2 minute time bonus. I am jealous. Middle aged and stll can only grow a bad teenage one.

nathan shearer said...

...furtherlymore, if memory serves me correctly, Buck was running WTBs with tubes when he flatted some 5 times at Big Schloss. I left both behind when I moved back east.