Friday, July 29

Got meh?

I'm sick.

I felt it coming on yesterday.

It's now settled into the my system.

Nothing like a cold on a 100° day. I couldn't breathe before, and now doubly so. I had big plans tonight to go watch the start of the 24 Hours of Booty. Those plans are on hold. I want to go ride my mountain bike tomorrow morning. Those plans are on hold too. I also thought maybe I would go watch the big Charlotte Criticulum tomorrow night. Those plans are on hold as well. Getting healthy as soon as possible is top priority... right behind going to work and waking up early to write a shitty blog post.

The Breck Epic is just two weeks away. As far as my logistical preparations go, I'm about halfway there. Things are being shipped my way that may or may not be here in time. I do not have a ride to or from the airport... yet. I am staying with Peter in a posh condo replete with running water and door knobs on all the doors. My bike is being stuck in a box and either Fed Ex'ed or UPS'ed to Avalanche Sports next Wednesday. Getting it there is not a problem. Getting it back is turning out to be... a problem. The kinda problem one can only throw money at to solve or anger at to relieve stress.

Physical preparations? I am one week into my three week plan to lose five pounds, and so far I have lost -.6lbs, which means I'm just as successful as I figured I'd be at losing weight after trying (and failing) to do it earlier this year. I have not ridden my bike other than to/from/at work since ORAMM. Even on my day off this week, I chose to do trail work instead of riding a bike. Now, with this cold, I am probably going to ride even less than I thought I would, which was very little to begin with.

At least I have door knobs to look forward to.

By the way...

I've mentioned many times that I'm a big fan of the Camelbak Podium bottles.

I, like you, was confused at just how one might clean the complicated looking, but quite simple, nozzles. Well wonder no longer, as Camelbak has come up with this little how-to video.

My favorite part?

When the Camelbak tech guy on the left explains how he gets the job done.

"I tend to just get in there with a sponge or just a rag and just rub it out."


Oh yeah, that's how you do it.

I'm not sure how that helps get your bottles clean, but I will have to try that later tonight.


AdamB said...

If you "rub it out" and you don't get that nice stream shooting from the tip, then you have failed.

wv = syclato

Mike said...

this is a g rated comment. i'm shipping my bike out to breck as well. came across this site and it's only costing me $69 from DC, which is way cheaper than an airline. thought it might be an option if you don't know about it. have a good race. i will be beaten down mercilessly.

later. mike

nathan shearer said...

wow, people actually do more than just rinsing thier bottles out? A little mold is good for the immune system

'e' said...

Dude, what's your flight schedule? I could possibly pick you up and deliver you to breckenridge. Let me know