Friday, July 22

Next Stop: ORAMM

So Sunday is the big day that everybody is waiting for, the 12th annual running of the most important event on the international cycling calendar. Five hundred people signed up this year, so it's gonna be huge. I still don't have much hope for the win in the single speed class. I just want to see if I can sneak back on to the podium, so if I choose to not do it next year I won't have a bad taste in my mouth from the year before (like I do right now).

I'm still picking Andy Johnston for the SS win.

The East Coast Evan Plews. Your worst nightmare riding a single speed. He should win unless he flats like a dozen times or something.

Others in the running?

Captain Morgan can never be counted out.

One win and a few close calls at ORAMM. Doesn't matter. He took the win at Shenandoah after we had a heated battle for first in 2007. He took that huge "W" home in his pocket, and he has no need for another victory. Bastard.

There's always Shane Schreihart to worry about.

Sorry, that was the only decent image from his facebook account. He's always fast, but now I know why... he's trying to ride away from his past.

My 2011 PMBAR partner, Zac Avant.

He says he will be there. I dunno. He might just be trying to scare me, like a gang of teenagers might try to intimidate a senior citizen with their youthful energy and lush hair.

Kelly Klett will be in the house.

Fresh off a trip out west riding with the likes of Travis Brown and Nedly Overend, he should be good to go.

But wait, the schedule on the sidebar of his blog DOES NOT have ORAMM on it. I'm being forced to run down the list of competition from memory since it has been removed from the web. I guess I really don't have a clue who's going to be there now.

No matter.

I've already picked out my theme music for the weekend.

1,2,3 Who should I kill?
Every motherfucker running up the hill.
1,2,3 What should I do?
Get fucked up and fuck up you*

Yes, Mr Zombie has a way with the English language. This has replaced my standard shower set for the last week, knocking The Great American Nightmare and Dragula off the playlist. It's not as easy to dance to, but it is slightly more inspirational.

I'm gonna do things differently this year, but then again I don't think I really had a "formula" back when I was winning, so by doing things differently I guess I'm just doing the same thing.

Shooting for 5:40:29. Gotta shoot for something, although with the unreasonable heat that's expected, I'd be better off shooting for a time that allows some soaking in the creek.

* There is some discrepancy as to what Mr Zombie sings in the final line in of the chorus. This is the version I like and the one I serenade The Pie with.


AdamB said...

Be sure to sing that all the way up Curtis Creek Rd.
Especially when passing gearies.

wv = untdre

mandy said...

counting on you this weekend. don't let me down.

Anonymous said...

what about will black your girly man?

cornfed said...

That's me in the red ahead of Captain Morgan, but(t) it's hard to see behind Captain's behind.

dougyfresh said...

get 'em. you'll do alright. do what you did on stg3 of TSE.

the evil sith lord and I will be drinking beers and 'racing' bikes this weekend (you couldn't tell since I don't write on my blog).

Emily said...

"East Coast Evan Plews." Heh.

There are seriously going to be five hundred people racing on Heartbreak this weekend? Seriously? That sounds crowded. I would offer to do aid station handups for you, but I have a feeling I'll be riding over on the other side of Pisgah that day. But HAVE FUN and KICK ASS.