Monday, September 26

Combustication as a welcomed vacation

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for the Mancation, a break from gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3-D. People have asked me where I'm going, and the only half-assed answer I can muster is "Colorado and Utah... maybe Moab."

That's because I have signed up for someone else's program. Without the wherewithal to come up with my own plan for a vacation, I decided to hop on board the fun train with Big Ring and Curvy Butt and head out West to ride with The Goat. We are at his mercy when it comes to the time and place of our rides. I do not know where we might ride, aside from Moab, but I am pretty sure The Goat will not disappoint.

Some options have been discussed as far as routes go VIA a string of emails, but I've just been skimming them. I know it's not gonna suck, and if it does, I'm sure it will be the good kind of suck as opposed to the bad kind.

I had a hard time picking which bike to ride, the Superbeast or the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5. Although the MDBMV.5 currently has a squishy fjork on the front (where fjorks belong), I felt inclined to pack the Superbeast.



As soon as I heard that, all I could picture was an able bodied me hucking carelessly off ledge after ledge with nary a repercussion or worry about pinch flats or my certain lack of skills. Sure it's gonna be a PITA, what with it's one gear propelling all that squish and all, but that's just the way it's gonna be. I wanted to try a little 1X10 action, but my lack of recent motivation and actual effort has kept that from being an option. I've been told that even Big Ring is leaving the SS behind for this trip, but whatever. It will feel like the old days when not everybody rode a single speed... just skinny trendsetters.

The other reason I picked The Superbeast? It hasn't been ridden anywhere other than North Carolina, and that is a shame. This bike needs a vacation more than I do, although I don't really need a vacation... but whatever again.

Another another reason?

A quick release seatpost clamp. We're riding the Whole Enchilada, and this post will go down and up and then down again and probably back up once more.

I don't plan on shooting any video whilst there. I think there are enough videos of Porcupine Rim already, and I don't think I'll have much to add. Maybe I'll take out my camera, but more than likely I'll count on the others for images while I supply humor and good looks to the mix.

Or maybe I'll bring the GoPro after all... who knows what I might digitally capture?

Speaking of which...

While I'm on vacation, I will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of my ankle incident from last year.

My right ankle is still misshaped, tender, lumpy, sore, enlarged, and annoying in that it messes with my symmetry, and I so desire symmetry in my life. I haven't felt any "pain" since March, but it definitely reminds me that it's there every day.

I don't plan on getting hurt on this vacation. My last time in Moab was all about upping my game.

This time it will be more about playing the game and living to tell about it, which I will do when I get back on Oct 6th.

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