Friday, September 23

I'm feeling kinda funny but not

Past the Meh-way Point of the "season" and after the Mancation, is there anything else to look forward to in 2011?


I think I'm leaning towards racing at the North Carolina Single Speed Championship coming up on Oct 22. Put together by a friend, sponsored by friends, a short drive away (a bit longer of a ride), a course I like, and only single speeders on the course so no one has to say "Get out of my way, I'm on a single speed" on the climbs. I'm somewhere around 95% go on this race, reserving 5% for the possibility that my judgement may currently be clouded by the fact that I am going on my fifth day without a beer.

After that, there is the Double Dare in the Pisgah National Forest; back-to-back 12 hour days separated by a six hour break for sleeping, eating, and rethinking bad decisions. I don't want to do too much re-hashing of my previous experience, but I owe this race another try. Captain Morgan and myself put in a valiant effort in 2008 on fixed gears to almost end the first day tied for 2nd place, but we finished in a state of hypothermia ten minutes past the cut-off time and were DQ'ed. This time Zac and I will be going for the win, but our bikes will be freewheeling, and our seatposts will be properly assembled before we go into the woods.

I called Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever the other night to ask him about water filters. In an effort to save weight, I thought maybe carrying something like this might reduce the amount of water I would have to carry.

I couldn't remember how I got through 12 hours and 10 minutes of riding all those years ago, but thanks to my time traveling blog, I was able to find that information.

In 2008 I consumed:

28oz of water

22oz of Gatorade (I lost a full bottle of Gatorade somewhere in the darkness)

18oz of PBR

Victory for finding the pertinent information, but fail on thinking it would help. There will no longer be PBR on the course, so I can not include that in my hydration plans this year. A better plan must be planned. I plan on planning that plan sometime in the near future. At least that's the plan as of now.

So that's it, two more races in 2011. One that I probably can't win, and one that could possibly be won if we do everything right and nothing goes wrong for 24 hours.

How hard could that be?

One more post on Monday, and then the Mancation begins. Speaking of which, I'll be hanging out in the Denver airport for eight hours on Tuesday waiting for Big Ring and Curvy Butt to show up if anyone wants to sit in Starbucks and play "caffeine chicken" with me.


nathan shearer said...

dont forget the six-pack invitational/ fixed gear universe championships in Va

Billy Fehr said...

Tuesday is the 27th, right? During those 8 hours idle at DIA be sure to keep an eye out for Airforce 1, and then Obama being quickly whisked away to tunnel for a transfer to the bunker under the Fed at Lakewood. NORAD may be conducting a DEFCON 1 'drill' that day. The White House has not confirmed this theory, nor have they answered my emails. They did however say that the president will be in Seattle on the 25th, LA the 26th and Denver the 27th. Go figure, the Russians would be the ones to leak the story. Then there's the whole, Elenin making perigee in between us and the sun thing that day. Drill my ass...

bentcrank said...

I think I have that same filter.

I picked it up for PMBAR and Double dare type adventures. I have not used it much, but have been happy with the result.

Anonymous said...

I like the steripen for backwoods fun. Just don't forget the extra batteries and your good to go.

Luis G. said...

F filters for racing! Get some micropur tablets or just bleach in a dropper if you're cheap!

the original big ring said...

I'll slip the captain a Canadian $5 bill (worth $5.17 US) to see if he'll put on the afterburners to get us to Denver faster.

Billy Fehr said...

Airforce 1 will take the ignition of after burners pn a Carnadian passenger plane as an act of aggression, and declare war on our immediate mapley neighbor to the north. Never forget, WAR is this nayshun's biggest economic export. You plane is gonna be late, there is an agenda of progress which will take pry or it he...