Friday, September 9

Interbike Chicken

I've been called on my bluff.

The Boy has come back with a ticket to Vegas that has a relatively reasonable price. A sponsor has stepped to the plate and offered me a place to sleep that most likely will not smell of urine.

It is now up to me to see if I want to go the next level.

If Peter were the person offering up accommodations, I would have to decline immediately. I see him being more of a cross between Godzilla and the Lone Biker of the Apocalypse let loose in Vegas.

It was Grant at Swiftwick who called last night and changed my possible direction and course. The last time he got me out on a road trip back in 2008, I spent the next year riding on a ti bike wearing a cornflower blue kit. Knowing Grant, he'll talk me into roaming the halls of Interbike Thursday morning wearing the all new 2012 Swiftwick Body Compression Sock (with linked toe, fingers, hood, and crotch) aptly named the Swiftdick.

I could pull it off.

Look for it next year at your local Swiftwick retailer or online.

I'm leaning towards going. It would make great blog fodder, I would see some folks that I haven't seen in awhile, and I could finally stop bitching about not going. Some of you say that Interbike sucks. Others say that Vegas sucks. Whatever. Something doesn't suck until I say it sucks.

You sir, Mr Hater, suck.

I must now decide if the pittance being asked in exchange for airfare is worth this once in a lifetime experience (once, since I'm assured it will suck). I shall decide over the weekend, and either way you can expect Interbike related posts more often than you might like in the near future.


Jason said...

Nice. Enjoy.

At any point you're drunk and roaming the floor looking for me and the XXC Magazine booth, remind yourself I'm not there.

However, I will be manning a booth, alone, with a 12 pack, a stack of magazines (most likely not XXC, and most likely porn) in my office, looking at coverage of all the fancy bitz and whoring that Interbike is offering this year.

Chris said...

"He was especially hard on the little things..."

As you fill in your dayplanner, leave time to meet up with my brother to cheer for Brian Fawley (who prefers to be known as "the Texas Teetotaler" out there) during CrossVegas. It'll be good spectating, especially if the body sock is beer-resistant.

TheMutt said...

I may see you there. Maybe.

Karen said...

Dang! You would have to pick the year we don't have a booth. You coulda been a sweet "booth babe."

BUCK said...

Brian Fawley the Tour's own Texas Rnager?!?!

give em' hell Dickey!