Monday, September 12

Operation "It's a Go" is a go.

It's official. I bought my ticket to Vegas. I will be going to Interbike on Wednesday.

The excitement is palpable. I invite you to stop by my house before Tuesday night and palp it. Interbike is quite modern, in that there is more internet interactivity than I would have imagined. I was amazed to see that as a registered attendee, I have my own page on the IB site.

And apparently I can be whoever I want to be at Interbike:

I have not used the Interbike website for all it's worth, but I think being that I have little to no plan, there is no sense in over-planning my three day stint.

I guess I have a small plan'esque agenda. Upon finding out that Cane Creek will not be there, I feel like I can freely roam the halls looking for a new headset sponsor. I want one made out of bamboo with porcelain bearings. Failing that, I'll just stick with a 110 next year.

Industry Nine
will not be there, which means that they won't see me approach Tioga about bringing the Tension Disc back.

I think they could use the momentum of the 29'er movement to get back in the wheel game. Think about how much noise you could make rolling down the trail with one of these bad boys if it were three inches bigger in diameter.

Misfit Psycles (Peter) will not be there. This means that I can take advantage of every offer of dinner, booze, and illicit activity thrown my way by other single speed frame manufacturers trying to buy their way into my world for 2012. Fair warning; though I can be bought, my price is quite high.

Dirt Rag will not be there, at least not with a booth of any sorts, which means that I will not be able to be a booth babe as stated on my IB profile. Grant already has the job at the Swiftick booth, as he won the pre-Interbike moob-off last week.

Of course, Thad "No Moobs is Bad Moobs" Hoffman was the judge.

Niner will not be there, so I won't get the chance to convince them that they need to give me three 15mm axle rigid crabon froks in assorted colors to suit my mood.

As to the other "Dick Supporters", I am not sure who will be there. Twin Six usually is, and I need to sell them on the idea of an all black jersey with one white stripe and a gray six on it (maybe with a skull as well). Gray, black, and white is the new rainbow. ProGold may be there, but if Bruce Dickman is in their booth making noise, I can just hear about their new products wherever I might be standing as I'm sure he will be talking over and above any other noises in the surrounding area. Camelbak will probably be there, but I will not make my presence known, as I intend to lift a Charge LR from their booth (it's easier than asking). That Butt Stuff , Raxter, and Backcountry Research will not be there, but being that they are smaller'esque companies, I think they're smarter to send any additional marketing money my way as opposed to attending Interbike. I will bring that up at our next meeting. I don't know if Genuine Innovations will be there or not. Being that they are THE NAME in CO2 inflation, maybe they realize they just don't need to advertise anymore. George from Bike29 will not be there, but he'll always be in my heart (in a totally hetero way). Last, but not least, Santa Cruz will be there, which means that I need to stand back and observe the Silverback in his natural environment and see if he is approachable before I get too close (within his stubby arm's reach).

That would have been a lot easier to write had I just looked at the Interbike list of exhibitors first.



Emily said...

I believe Ride for Reading will be there, if you are interested in having your heart grow three sizes in one day.

dicky said...

Think I can borrow a bike for the delivery?

Peter Keiller said...

maybe you wrote about it some other place, but, i lost interest and only looked at the pictures...

if no one you want to see is going.
why the fuck are you?

dougyfresh said...

I think you misspelled that town in TN

shiggy said...

Your jersey needs TWO white stripes...

...down the back.

Now go get the interbike app for your phone, and enjoy the poor show floor wifi/phone reception.