Friday, October 14

I'm back, what's next, and Project BS

So much time spent on the Mancation in terms of riding and writing. Almost a twelve day hiatus, and life has moved on in the meantime. Since I left for Colorado, a movement has started, and the masses are protesting the amount of time I spent away from the blog and then blog-covering the Mancation. Occupy Dicky's Bike Room has finally succeeded in its lofty goal of getting me to go back to my normal modus operandi. Occupy _____ protests do work, at least in my world. I hate bongos and patchouli.

Tomorrow I'll be starting on a new project. Some know about this project already, but most are in the dark. I may be more transparent about this project than others in the past... or not. That is to be decided.

The "Season" is not over yet. Next weekend is the North Carolina Single Speed Championship. Although 18 miles is a bit of a short distance for me, I may have come home from Mancation with some lofty ideas regarding my performance. After a recovery day spent on airplanes and such I felt pretty strong, what with eight days of riding and some of those days at altitude,


Last Sunday I went for a ride locally and felt respectable. Then I came home, got all achy, passed out on the couch, drooled all over myself, and woke up knowing that I had come down with the sickness. Super. Maybe I can pin all my late season hopes and aspirations on Double Dare.

Yes, the Double Dare still looms on the horizon like the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Two twelve hour days of racing separated by a six hour break to give you time to regret your decision to race and try to pack your things and sneak out when no one is looking. Zac and I are looking for some PMBAR redemption, and don't think we're not reading ALL THE RULES before we head out into the woods hilly-nilly. If there's some wooden nickel, ritual dance, or feat of strength involved, we will be prepared.

So tomorrow, up early to get Project BS off the ground.

It will rock.

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