Wednesday, October 19

I've still so much to dew...

I'll get to Stickel answers to Stickel questions from yesterday's post in a moment.

Right now I've got things on my mind that are more timely in nature. This weekend is the North Carolina Single Speed Championship. There was this part of me that thought perhaps after my extended Mancation I would come into this weekend rocking and rolling. Then two Sundays ago I came down with something that one might come down with. I thought I was getting much better initially, but then after three days of mountain biking, little sleep, and a night spent in the back of my car, I now feel a little done in. Coughing spells that would have normally seen me retreating to the couch have put me in a worster place. The screaming foster pup beds down in the living room (the furthest room from our boudoirs), so I ended up on a Thermarest sur le hardwood in The Pie's office.

Suffice to say, I have slept like shit for the past five or so nights.


Plans (fantasies) to dominate have been put aside. Fun must now be had at all costs. Good thing the Double Dare is still a week away....

At least I have time to gain even more weight and become weaker through lack of movement.

Now to answer Stickel questions:

brado1 said... 'bout time brother

Yes Brado, it is about time. I couldn't find anymore limited edition El Mariachis on eBay. What else was I going to do?

bentcrank said... so, will it have sliders :-)


Yes, it will.

This is something I had to dwell on. Some of you know how I feel about sliders. This topic will be revisited in a later post, so whatever.

AdamB said... Are you going for some shifty bits out back and/or squishy legs up front?

The frame will possibly have the accoutrements for some shifty bits in the rear, but I will only entertain the possibility of six bits in the rear if any ever come this way. As far as squishy parts, the frame will either have a 32 TALAS 29 120 FIT Terralogic or a Niner crabon frok depending on the way I feel that day or a coin toss. More on that fjork in a later post.

Emily said... So fickle, your bike love! the romance has already soured with the Canadian panda bike?

My romance has not soured for neither my Canadian panda bike nor my Canadian man lover. I love the Misfit diSSent Bröntöawesömeöus Meatplow V, and it's not going anywhere. I just have too much love to give and not enough bikes to ride.

Chris said... You still haven't called.

I know, I'm sorry. You were great, but I think we should just be friends.

Shane S. said... Yeah..I think you've got bike ADD mang! Does he do Ti or just steel?

Firstly, I don't have bike specific ADD. I have your run of the mill variety ADD that extends to every aspect of my life. I feel the same way about beer, toothpaste, cookies... you name it. To answer your other question, just steel. Sweet, beautiful, cold steel.

Speaking of which...

The Stickel porn of the day:

For tHom (he used to blog):


AdamB said...

Ah-Ha! I see the style of sliders you may be going for on that pron-pic of the day you shared. Didn't the dude from Black Cat create that design? Anyhoo, it likes like a winner. Thanks for getting us in the loop early this time. More fjear and mor fjun for us all!


dicky said...

Yeah, that's a Black Cat dropout in the photo. Todd Ingermanson sells them to other frame builders as well as using them on his own frames.

That said, I will not have Black Cat dropouts.

dougyfresh said...

yes you will.

you want to be like Grig.

Chris said...

on second thought, with that thing you've got -- don't call.

Big E said...

You are like the polygamist of the mountain bike world. No amount of ravenous bike pron will satisfy your craven lust! *thumbs up*