Thursday, October 20

Fjorked up and torqued off

So originally I said that Project BS (which will be known in the future as the Meat Stickel) would have this:

The 32 TALAS 29 120 FIT Terralogic.

But then I scratched my head. Then I scratched my ass. Then I applied calamine lotion to both my head and ass so I could think without all this scratching.

Am I making a mistake that I will regret? Is this the fjork I am looking for?

I mean, first of all, it's not white. I like white.

Secondly, this fjork has 120mm of travel. When I have that much travel, I tend to not avoid things in the trail like rocks, logs, roots, and small British children. This was a fine activity on the Superbeast, but on a hardtail I must respect the laws of rear tire management.

Thirdly, the Meat Stickel will be built to be a friendly handler with the Niner crabon frok, so running the bike at 120mm will raise the front end to the point where I would want to flip the stem.

Lastly, the TALAS adjustment makes the fjork cost more.

So this is the fjork I am looking for:

The Terralogic is the key reason I'm getting this fjork (that and it's white). It will make the transition easier from rigid frok to squishy fjork. Timing on bunnyhops and whatnot have taken a bit of getting used to when I swapped from squish to rigid. No more (or so I hope). The 100mm of travel will serve to remind me that the rear wheel will not move when slammed into large detritus objects.

Remember me mentioning that one of the aluminum bits cracked on my seatpost? Even though I was prepared to take some, if not all of the blame for the situation, my problem was solved quicker than shit:


The threaded portion/cap of my post cracked about 2/3 of the way across while riding. It was torqued to spec, but that wrench shat the bed a few months later (after the build), so I can't be sure it was working properly at the time.... but I want to know if I can just buy/replace the broken piece?

The response?

This showed up yesterday:

That's service.

And in order to be able to put full blame on manufacturers in the future, I replaced my broken torque wrench with this:

The D-Torq Wrench DX from Topeak.

It was expensive, but it has lots of buttons and it makes noise, so I'd say "money well spent." It's like a skinny robot for my hand, though I doubt it doubles as a hammer like my last torque wrench.



brado1 said...

Boom Stickel

dicky said...

I already wasted the Boomstick on the MOOTS with a 5" fjork. That did not work out so well.

AdamB said...

That 100mm fjork is certainly Stormtrooper White! Me likey, besides the fact that it's logical...


Anonymous said...

what about the SID that's in the corner of your bike room crying because it doesn't have a bike?

dicky said...

It can keep crying.

It is black after all.

dicky said...

That was not a racial joke BTW.