Friday, October 21

Prepared to meet my maker, but not necessarily in a hurry

Last night I went out brocerie shopping for tomorrow's North Carolina Single Speed Championship race.

A little something something just in case I have sorrows to drown (I will). When I got home from the stores and pulled everything out of my messenger bag (called thusly as this is what it is used for most of the time), one of the cans of Old Chub was released from it's plastic sea bird noose and it fell at a rate of 9.8m/s² until it's uncontrolled descent was arrested by my second and third toes. Bleeding and swelling commenced, and swearing abounded. At least I had bought the cure to phalangeal hematomas at the ABC Store during the same errand run.

Some probably have high expectations for me at tomorrow's race.


You will only be hugely disappointed come Monday. I'll be riding the sixteen miles to the race because, as Zac told me, "That would be baller." This will not help me do well at the race, but it seems like better prep for next week's Double Dare than an 18 mile XC race coupled with a peaceful drive on I85.

Like what you're seeing of By:Stickel so far? Steve is tossing around the idea of doing production frames with some of his signature features. Of course he's talking about it on facebook... duh. Add your two cents here if you have two cents to share. Like By:Stickle and comment away.

In other important news, The Pie got an email Wednesday from the Charlotte Humane Society that she then forwarded to me. Guido, a 2-3 year old Basenj Mix was seized by Animal Control from his owners for obvious reasons.

I asked her to please go get him. Lucky for Guido, someone at the CHS saw something special in Guido, and they pulled him from Animal Control before he would be euthanized. He's at our house until we can put some meat on them bones. He's slept in our bed since day one.

I really like him. I'm glad he is alive. I imagine he's keen on the idea as well.

Why mention this?

If you are on Facebook, please take a minute to go to this link and vote for the CHARLOTTE Humane Society. They have a chance of winning $25,000 from the Mercedes Benz Community Stars contest. That's a lot of puppy food and cat litter.

Please, please vote... do it for Guido (now affectionately known as Beastman).


CB2 said...

How many Newtons of force does an Old Chub exert on one's toe?
What's stronger; Old Chub or a carbon fork?

Rob said...

I'll be first in line for a Stickel production frame...well, based on my race "career", I'll be closer to DFL, but at least I'll be there!

dicky said...

Put your input over on the By:Stickel FB page.

Steve doesn't read my blog. He only looks at the pictures.

Rob said...

but of course!

Anonymous said...

At least your Catawba nemesis - 'rock garden from the fourth dimension' - will no longer 'nemecize' you.

Anonymous said...

I said it once and I'll say it again - good on you and the Pie for all you do for the four legged friends. I put my vote in too.

Greg D.

Big E said...

Good luck this weekend and happy sorrow drowning! I vote for anything to do with kitty litter and food. Just don't mix them together please. You are a good man Charlie "the baller" Brown...

Pauly said...

I hate people...I love dogs.....and beer.