Tuesday, October 25

One more to go

I'm glad to have my once-a-decade cross country race behind me. There's just something about that middle distance thing... too long to be a short track race, not long enough to be an endurance race. Although I suck at short track racing, at least it's over in 45 minutes. I go as hard as I can, blow up, and the race is over fifteen minutes later. Cross country distances require some kind of odd discipline I am no longer connected to in any manner. Sorta like a hard local ride where all your friends leave you for dead after five minutes on the trail.

Next up and the last "race" of the "season"... Double Dare.

Hardly a race about speed. It's more about slugging all over Pisgah for as many as 24 hours over the course of a long weekend. No neutral support, no course markings, no pity for the fools, no mercy in Eric's dojo.

At least it will be partly cloudy/mostly sunny...

dunno the difference between the two, but at least it's not rain.

I do not like those freezing temps one bit. Getting back in the saddle at the mandatory Sunday start time of 6:00AM will suck a capital amount of ass. I don't like being cold in the least, which means I have to start digging out the gear I hardly ever use from whatever nook or cranny I stuck it in after I regrettably used it the last time.

There will be number plates...

Number plates holders, light (not a K-shart light), battery, transient bike computer... my cockpit looks like a Junkyard Wars robot. The aesthetics are killing me. I'm gonna have to throw a blanket over my bike until the weekend.

Somebody remind me why I call Eric a "friend." Seriously. If not for him, I'd be doing some nice 33.5 mile out and back race in North Wilkesboro on Saturday and still get a good night's sleep in a bed in a house like a modern human being instead of sleeping in the woods like a fucking rank amateur gypsy.

Allow me some time to get over these feelings of anger and violence.

Thursday will be good for me.



Anonymous said...

One thing I know for sure is I am packing a warmer sleeping bag this year. I was cold enough last year.

wv: phaten - Dicky needs to phaten up for the winter

Luis G. said...

You passed on Wilson's to NOT be the NC SS Champion... I hope Double Dare bears better fruit ;)

AdamB said...

Ahhh... what are friends for? ; }


1234567890 said...

"Sorta like a hard local ride where all your friends leave you for dead after five minutes on the trail."

This made me laugh out loud this morning. Best description of XC racing ever.