Thursday, October 27

I'm going to hell

Not literally, well maybe, but figuratively? For sure.

I feel fat, tired, and lazy. Last night I had Puppy Chow for supper. That's not good. I've spent more hours watching the Walking Dead than I have riding my bike in the past week. I even considered having my first beer yesterday at 10:30AM, but thought better of it. I waited until 3:30PM. Maybe there is hope. Probably not.

This was forwarded to me by Seth.

I have not authenticated this yet, and I have no way to do it since I don't have an iPhone, so I'm just gonna assume it's real. It's pretty sweet to be the face of on their app.... even sweeter still is that I'm wearing my Dirt Rag jersey (which is now available for $39 on closeout special). I may not be good enough at bike racing stuff for to mention me in an article, but I am good looking enough to move product. I can see why they used an image of me as opposed to Brian Lopes,

Emily Batty,

or Tammy Thomas.

I'm way better looking than all three of them combined. Yes, I am cheating on the math a little bit on this one, so sue me.

And almost finally, Brent at Twin Six has been letting everybody in on my secret.

I am the Big Bad wolf.

Well at least if I do end up in hell, I'll be there with those guys. I could so party with them.

And now, your By:Stickel moment of Zen

photo cred: Brado


bentcrank said...

That is just not right! Thanks for wasting 2:59 of my time.

Shane S. said...

Jeeez....don't feel bad, I've been on a downward spiral of fitness since Shenandoah!

Cory said...

Where the heck do you find this stuff? That's just disturbing.

Anonymous said...

He had time to find that video AND win the Waltworks contest. Damn!