Monday, November 21

Hanging and banging

Sadly enough, I emptied the vessel that is my cranium into a Dirt Rag article over the weekend. Between that and catching up on Beavis and Butthead, I feel like I have little to share with the class today.

It was just a sorta typical off-"season" kinda weekend.

Ride on Saturday. One more lap around a place I have gone around many times already.

Trail work (as opposed to removing leaves from my yard) on Sunday.

I had some help.

She was a useful engine. She lopped, she dragged out debris, she climbed trees, and she tested questionable food products.

I did not bring the camera with me, and my only option was my not-so-smart phone. When I got home to look at the photos, I found many images I had taken over the last few months that I had done very little with.

The Great Biblical Charlotte Flood of 2011... wettest day ever at work. First time I had to stop in the middle of doing a run and pull over because I couldn't see.

Strange decoration in the BoA building. This fish-like decoration was occupying the lobby in protest of all the money spent on the decorative plants in the lobby. This little guy is the 1% (of plant decorations that look like funny faced fish).

One of those shitty days. Park my bike as soon as I get to work, go inside to take a leak, come back outside and sit on a bench, hear a suspicious hissing noise behind me...

Worn-through tire that by the time it was replaced, the Emergen-C pack was pretty worn-through as well.

My dog made this one day whilst out walking aboot. I included it in today's blog post so it could officially be my shittiest post ever.

It will get worse before it gets better. Only two days of work this week, so blog posts will be spotty at best.


Shane S. said...

Your dog's doo hits a little low on the "Curic" scale and quite dehydrated, but gets an A+ for stacking precision. I've tried that and I can tell you it ain't easy!

nathan shearer said...

Dog Poo Stonehinge. This post makes me feel better about my shitty blog. Thanks for posting

AdamB said...

poo in bloom calling
steaming mud waits in my ears
my old home new poo