Friday, November 4

I'll give you a $1.50 for that

Before I get to anything worthwhile...

Registration for the 2012 6 Hours of Warrior Creek opened at midnight on Sunday.

Ten hours later, 350 spots sold out... entirely.

That's nuts. Well, it is only the best six/twelve hours of anything I've ever done, so maybe the quality of the event has reached legendary status in less than four years. I'm in, but whether or not I'll start "training" before or after the event is still TBD.

In other recession defying news, there are already fifteen single speed riders signed up for the 2012 Breck Epic. There were only seven SS'ers last year, but as of right now there are eight right coasters and seven altitude enhanced cheaters in the running. Although it's only official in a facebook sense, the Breck Epic has now become the SSSRWC (Single Speed Stage Race World Championship). It's shaping up to be a showdown of non-legendary status. When asked what he thought about this recent development, last year's SS winner Vince Anderson had this to say:

"Metal on metal!!"

Sorry, Vince only speaks Metal, but a quick cut and paste into Babelfish gives us a better idea of what he's saying:

"I welcome this chance to compete at such a high level with other talented athletes from across the globe. It would be a huge honor to win next year and pull on the rainbow Carhartts for the first time. Metal!"

Will I be at the Breck Epic for a fourth year in a row? Who knows. I can't commit to much of anything more than a one day race at this point, but it is just November after all. I'm enslaved to the classics (6 Hours of Warrior Creek, PMBAR, and ORAMM), I have to get out to SSUSA (or else George will cut me off) but other than that... it's a wait and see.

Sunday is the big swap meet in Charlotte. I'll be there looking for skull caps, knee warmers, used throat lozenges, and work tires. My current work tires currently give me a nice view of the tube in too many spots, so I may have to prioritize tires over lozenges.

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