Monday, November 7

Into production mode

Would I say this first weekend of the "off-season" was productive?


Saturday was a trail work day at the Backyard Trails (AKA BYT). This is the closest trail system to my house, and although this trail was unofficial for years, the hard work of a few dedicated builders has seen it become officially official. With official status came the potential for much expansion, and that is something I want a part of this winter.

Photo cred: Alex Hawn

Corridor cleansing, grubbing, and a little rock armoring of the approach to a feature... built for dogs apparently.

Photo cred: Alex Hawn

Sunday was the big swap meet in Charlotte that has seen slight reverse growth over the years, but still ends up being a good place for me to save money on things I didn't know I needed.

Like this:

A Park Tool MLP-1, master link pliers for chains of the type that I currently own one of (not PC-1's). Just having the experience of having to break a 10 speed master link without them was enough to convince me that if I need them at some point in the future, I will not have wasted my $5.

I didn't get much of anything that wasn't more than just a trusty back-up to something I know I already love. Work tires? Fail. Looks like I need to get something going on there soon. Meh.

I stared at a set of carbon tubular rimmed Cane Creek 26" wheels shod with Tufo tires, but I could hardly figure out a reason to buy them. They woulda looked divine on a new $95 Nummers frame.

I also finally got my hands on a cheap, ironic skinsuit. $10 for a very loud, ill-fitting skinsuit with an old school chamois made from...

wait for it...


It is bad? I am going to have to wait for a very special occasion to break it out. Modeling it for the blog would spoil whatever surprise I was hoping for in the future. I'll just have to be happy wearing it around the house for now.

I also got to help plan something that I can't talk about until it gets past the planning stages. I'm so excited that I dreamed about it last night... except my plan didn't have alligators. We might need to plan for alligators.... I'll have to tell Eric.

Hmmm... Walt was biting my Final Countdown thing yesterday. Doesn't he know that's my PMBAR jam?

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Luis G. said...

Will things ever beeeee the same agaaaaaain?