Thursday, December 29

End of the year gratitude and such

I hate to do it. Not for my sake, but for yours.

I want to just take the time to acknowledge that I'm not alone here.

Yes, that fits in nicely with yesterday's mullet, I know.

If it weren't for those fine folks off to the right there (under Dick Support) there would be no Bad Idea Racing. Well, not as we know it. Without them, I would be racing without the things I need, like socks, wheels, hydration, lube, clothes, and whatnot. I could race without them, but then I would just be an unprofessional naked runner.

I am pleased to point out that within each and every company that supports me, there is at least one person with a sense of humor. That person has been given the task of dealing with me. Without that person, I would be unappreciated, scorned, and perhaps "blacklisted" within the "industry." They keep the backdoor open for me at all times, but let's not take that the wrong way... unless it's funny.

or not.

I love them all. If I could, I would hug them... but actually, if I could, I probably wouldn't hug them because hugging isn't my thing. Perhaps some kind of bro handshake or a highly structured high five. That would be nice.

or not.

I love them for what they do for me... without (predetermined) expectations. I love them for making things that make making great bike race easier for me to make. I love them for loving me...


Unbelievably, there is a song called Unconditional Love by a group called Hi-Five.

Very nice.

They do not currently sponsor me, but I am looking into it.

So thanks to you Dick Support folk, the big and the tall, the small and the short, the bright and the beautiful and the dark and the ugly.

You do it for me. I do it for you.

Let's do it again next year.


mandy said...

Unknown said...

I sent some business to the Awesome strap folks based on your blog, the only bad thing was there was a pic of some too on the Tulbag card. At least it was removable.

Keep up the good work

AdamB said...

All this talk of doing it! You should just "do it" already. Hmmm, do you think Nike would become the next dick support sponsor? You could swoosh and bwoom.

Mike said...

you're a whore.