Friday, December 30

Well, that's it folks

The end of another year.

Six years blogging and fourteen years at my current job. For a man that hates commitment, I think that's pretty good. While I'll admit that every morning that I wake up extra early just to write and I end up spending the first ten minutes of my day wishing I were dead instead of awake, I know it will be awhile before I consider walking away from blogging. I enjoy it too much, and once the coffee maker starts making those satisfying burbly noises, I know that things will get better soon enough.


*do some new things.
*do some of the same old, same old.
*have a new sponsor or three.
*turn 43.
*use my oh-so-smart phone to help make great bike blog.
*try to do at least 12 days of trail work (I missed it by one this year. Although there is a work day this weekend, I've got a commitment with my mom).

I should be on my new By:Stickel some time next year.

This is not mine, but it is the first one with the half man/half machined chainstay yoke. Very nice indeed. I am excited about this new bike, but I'm always excited about new bikes. I like trying different things... except flavored coffees and cultural experiences. I'm over that.

2011 was hardly a bad year for me. If I consider my stage win at the Trans-Sylvania Epic a "win," well, then I finished the year with one "win." Considering what I went through to cross the line first and how badly I wanted to win knowing that Dough and Grig believed I could beat the Grape Ape (Rich Straub), it was actually an emotional victory for me... something I haven't had in a long while. The kinda win where I had to dig deep, hurt bad, and overcome some obstacles along the way. There were a few other random trips to the podium, some missed opportunities due to the lack of a killer instinct, and my first mechanical related DNF in a long time.

I did lose two contests. That sucked. Better luck next year or maybe no more contests for me. It does provide excellent blog fodder, win or lose.

I thanked my sponsors yesterday. Today, I thank you. Without you, the reading type folk and the just here to look at pictures and call you a pussy miscreants, I woulda quit writing this weBlog long ago. Your virtual support here, your vocal support on the race course, your monetary support of my sponsors in the open market, your wearing of Team Dicky garb... none of it goes unnoticed. I am humbled and grateful. If I could go back in time and tell mullet headed 1988 me that there was a ladder of greatness, and someday I'd be holding onto the third from the bottom rung of said ladder, 1988 me would never believe 2011 me. I'm sure future me and past me wouldn't get into a fight over it, as 1988 me and 2011 me were/are both pussies...

So thank you, from the bottom of my grossly enlarged heart to the top of my disgusting diseased lungs.

My name's Team Dicky.

I am an unprofessional cyclist.

Who cares?


Big E said...

Thank you Mr Dicky. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to write my favorite blog! Hope 2012 is an awesome year for you.

sid said...

Wow! Have I really been reading this stuff for 6 years? Thanks Dicky, looking foward to the next 6!!!

Pauly said...

Dude, you really do suck and this Awesome strap ant Tuhl bag(s) are the worst. Thanks for nothing!

Pauly said...

Of course I think you're the bees knees ant(d) that ain't nothing to shake a stick at.

I'll be sure to hug you at the next Western NC race.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

my goals for 2012:

more sex
more bike
more mud
more eats
and more loven'

the essentials of life.
Simplicity is the fruitfulness of stupidness, so why stop a good thing!

all the best for 2012!

watch your pecker!

4000psi said...

Thanks Dickey. You write ,I'll read.

Moonshine said...

Good stuff, Dickster!