Tuesday, January 3

Happy freaking New Year!!

Although I said it wouldn't happen, last year's resolution for twelve trail work days a year...


Small step-up gap alternate line

I got my 12th and final day of trail work in for 2011 on Dec 31st. Added a little something-something to the short track. Been eying it up for a couple years. Victory.

Sunday, I was in on Big Worm's plan for a ride down Heartbreak Ridge. The Wonderboy came out of retirement for this occasion.


We went through Motreat, but not the way others would go. Undiscovered country.

Big Worm had a map. Well, it was a map-like piece of paper with squiggly lines and such.

We might have accidentally been on a hiking trail.

It's not like we actually "rode" it anyways. We kinda sorta just walked .64 miles to the top of a mountain up a zig zaggy trail that intersected with a happy place before we started our climb up Old Toll Road. When we hit the standard approach up Rattle Snake, we came upon three strangers, Jane, Tom, and Cameron. By the end of the day, they were less than strange.

Typical shot of the typical view from the Old Toll Road overlook.

Typical injury that one might get on a typical body part if they try riding on a typical sloping, wet boulder.

We climbed all the way up to the resort villa at the top of the climb with our new found friend-type people.

After we bombed down the fire-hose-blown-out descent that sits above the Heartbreak Ridge descent that most ORAMM'ers have experienced, we put the serious chunk-a-lunk behind us.

I tried to snap a photo of Big Worm right before the entrance to the ORAMM-made famous descent.

I got this:

The Wonderboy was much easier to capture due to his overall lack of speed.

Yes, we taped his feet to the pedals just like they did to Dave Stoller in Breaking Away. I couldn't find the clip, but here's Moocher punching the clock.

There's an overlook on the other side of the world that looks back at the other overlook. We did not overlook the fact that we we're looking at it although we couldn't find it.

Big Worm captured us capturing the moment.

photo cred: Big Worm

They were looking at the scenery. I was actually checking my makeup in my iMirror.

When we got to the rooty section that makes my butt pucker at ORAMM every year, I walked over them. Then The Wonderboy came along, looked at it, and rode it like it was nothing.

Keep in mind, I usually roll into this section exhausted from 40+ miles of effort. I've never taken the time to examine the problem. Not while racing. Not while out and about on a fun ride. I have no desire to end up like this guy (at 10:23):

So Tom, Jane, and Cameron caught up to us while I was contemplating my attempt at this section. Big Worm snapped these off while waiting for me to shit or get off the pot:




Those images give you a better idea of the exposure to the side of the trail. Years ago, Big Worm tumbled down the hill and ended up getting a mountain laurel punji shoved into his arm requiring stitches. He reminded me of this right before I decided to try it.

You have to ride about 2" from a tree on the right (your left in the photo) on the approach to make it work. I'm sure Sam Koerber never even slows down when he hits it... whatever.

Victory number one of the new year. I also shat my pants.

Best ride down Heartbreak in a very, very, very long time.

Maybe 2012 won't suck so bad after all.

I signed up for ORAMM the day before this ride. Coincidence? I think not.


AdamB said...

ORAMM. Cool! I love reading your brain juice ramblings about that race!

Anonymous said...

Overcoming the rooty exposure - specially after thinking about it for a while - is a good result. Maybe next you'll tackle the 6' gap at the beginning of BYT. Way simpler.


Big E said...

Shatting your pants at your age is very normal. Nothing to fear. Happy New Year Dicky!

Billy Fehr said...

Thanks for leading us to victory over the three strangers after the hard right onto Star Gap, down to the road and out Mill Creek back to the car. Just like you said, "Even though the Wonderboy is weak, if we climb together those two geared riders, and the one on the skinny fork single speed will be in the rear view for good...".

Okay, be forewarned, I fail at trying to make a joke always...

Moonshine said...

Those roots look like the roots to the tree that the Headless Horseman lives under in the movie "Sleepy Hollow"! I would have walked it too. But I would have most likely been walking way before then anyway...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! On On!