Thursday, December 22

Getting with the times

photo cred: some douchebags from Bike PASA

In 2010, I was ranked 36th amongst the top 50 most influential cycling blogs by a guy who must be some kind of expert at ranking things.

This year, I totally missed the boat. Not only did I drop off the 2011 list, I didn't even know that a 2011 list existed. The ranking system has been adjusted to be in line with the times while I have not adjusted to the times the least bit. I do not "twitter" and "Bad Idea Racing" does not have a facebook page. I do not plan to do either as far as planning goes. I have no "corporate plan of aggression" (Big Worm's term) to speak of, let alone a plan of any kind.


As of yesterday, I now "own" a "smarter phone." "Own" because I actually feel like it owns me. "Smarter" because it has bested my attempts to master it thus far.

I now have the power to twitter and facebook in a manner that would make a teenager feel like a teenager. I do not know what to do with this power. With great power comes great irresponsibility. How far I will end up going down this rabbit hole is yet to be determined. Minutes and prescribed plans pushed my hand when I thought I would remain a Druid forever.

I've already become annoyed with Hipstamatic in the first few minutes. I started watching a movie on Netflix, but it wasn't the one I thought it was. There are no Vikings on Shutter Island. I am one step away from checking into a nursing home.

I'm gonna pretend that the whole smart phone thing is not pretty cool...

But it is.

Expect things to get better around here.

Not a whole lot better, just a bit.

More photos? Yes.

The ability to actually respond to comments throughout the day? Yes.

Video? Perhaps.

I've signed up with twitter. Will I tweet or twat? Dunno.

My first post on twitter will hopefully set the tone.

Will I fall short of your elevated expectations?

Most certainly. I always do.

In unrelated news....

Bilenky Junkyard Cross happened.

Bastards. I hate them all.

Junkyard Cross Race from Erik Silverson on Vimeo.

Bilenky Junkyard Cross 2011 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

People won and stuff. On the podium?

None other than Harlan "Brown" Price and Mike "Siesta" Festa (AKA: Fetus)

My heroes

So anyways, suggest some apps for life (that are free). Want to be able to communicate with the outside world, navigate around, record ride info, predict lottery numbers, make better sexy time... that kinda thing.


tillis said...

best post in years. really, I mean that...

Anonymous said...

do you get text messages now?

wv: dingi

dicky said...

Yes, I am text enabled.

wv: vagis

John said...

Angle Meter to fulfill OCD tendencies and Photobucket to er, put photos in buckets and carry them around.

SimplicityMike said...

Flipboard, get your mobile Dirt Rag fix!

dicky said...

Angle meter installed.

Angles on Meatplow verified and all picture frames in the house hanging straight.

Neon Messiah said...

I have resisted the urge no upgrade from my brick because I like to think of myself as different and special. I will crumble soon.

Truth is we are all sheep. Albeit with $400 phones.