Friday, December 23

I can see the future, and it looks like Ed Asner's sphincter

With the introduction of new technology into my life, I was happy to let go of another leisure enabling device.

I wasn't actively selling it, but when I saw that some guy on MTBR was having trouble getting his grubby mitts on a black fork (in the desired 100mm travel/15mm axle style), I felt like it was meant to be his. I took it off and went to the business of getting it super clean with my dirty and well-used Pro Towel. I wasn't kidding when I said I've been re-using them multiple times and storing the dirty serviceable one under the lid.

Dick Bruceman may not be happy with my miserly use of the product, but they are robust enough that they can be re-used a few times before being tossed into a nearby creek (I kid). Removal of this last bit of squishy business I had left in the house required more work than I wanted to do, but with a few events coming up in the next couple of months, I was gonna have to do it anyways.

I needed to swap the 15mm new skool axle back to the 9mm QR old skool axle system. When I banged out the 15mm axle, the bearing came out with it.

Not thinking, I banged it back in...

before I realized that it needs to come out when the axles are swapped, so I banged it back out, stuck the 9mm axle back in, and gently reassembled the whole mess.

This is my special Coleman mallet, bearing press, adjustment tool, and tent stake pounder being used in conjunction with a 7/8" socket which is otherwise useless to me unless I'm pounding in Industry Nine bearings.

Also during the process of the fork swap, I recalled someone making fun of the fact that I save the leftover steer tube pieces from fork installs. Not only are they great for storing spacers, seat post collars, and syringes on my work bench, they make great place holders when I remove my fork.

Thus keeping my handlebars from dangling from the frame by the rear brake line. I'm pretty sure I invented this use and the patent will be applied for posthaste.

I know I talk about it all the time, but Topeak does not have to pay me to gush about my digital torque wrench.

I love busting this thing out. One of the best, if not the best, purchases I made all year long. I only wish there were more things I could do with it. I wonder if it would measure the torque with which I apply peanut butter to bread? I wonder if Topeak will honor any warranties if the tool is fouled with peanut butter?

So the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 is back to the way it was intended to be.

I can't wait to have two rigid single speeds. I don't see how that doesn't make total sense.

I chose to do this on my second day of smart phone ownership. This is not being done to increase my influenciality in the bike blog world (unless that would help me procure a beer sponsor). Since I'm not linking all this stuff together very well, that should limit its effectiveness to zero. I specialize in self-sabotage. I am only doing this because it is damn easy, I'm bored at work, and it's borderline fun to share. Expect me to become a bigger asshole in the near future as this wormhole of narcissistic activity pulls me deeper into its time-sucking bosom.

There will be pictures of puppies, food, bike parts, beer, and the shit I see at work.

Like a Julia Roberts movie, but not.

All this change brought about by going a measly 200 minutes over our old plan last month...

I'm off till next Wednesday. Maybe I post something before then, maybe I don't. Maybe I just give up on blogging like so many others and limit my mind to 140 character blurbs forever.

That's never gonna happen.


AdamB said...

Follow the Dicky tweets!
Happy Christmas, Merry New Year and Festivus, too!

Anonymous said...

your are a vjjay!

Anonymous said...


Moonshine said...

Damn, now I'm going to have to get a Twitter account so I can get motivational inspiration from my favorite SS dude! And to also be able to follow the TD tweets...

cocheese said...

Do have an os headtube on that misfit? I don't see the option on their site.

Big E said...

"Not only are they great for storing spacers, seat post collars, and syringes on my work bench..." Right, right. And what's wrong with a drawer for such things? Like I said before, I'm just concerned for you Dicky.

BTW. I requested and recieved two Team Dicky endorsed Tulbags for Christmas. I love them thirdly only to my wife and children. However, I cannot fit my overly large stem in your sack. Is a larger, yet stuffable Tulbag in the our futures?

Thanks Sugar Buns. And I am now following you on Twitter as well. Making my cyber stalking nearly complete...

dicky said...

That's a 44mm headtube on the Misfit, and not, it is not an option.

There may be larger bags in the future... we shall see.