Monday, December 19

Just riding along

Eeeessshhh. I wanted to start a dialogue Friday, but after getting too many responses, I'm going back to working in a dark room with noise canceling headphones on. I guess clapping with one hand is sometimes less effort.

Saturday, I had to opt out of the scheduled mountain ride. That doesn't mean I wasn't there in spirit. I'm so happy that facebook has a tagging feature and my friends have very smart phones that allow them to do very dumb things.

Because I so woulda been smothered by these attractive female bartenders that were enjoying my blog on an iPhone.

Our trails were a mess here in Charlotte, so I decided to ride outta the house with Stabby over to the all-weather short track course to check on the work we did on the jump a few weeks ago.

I love urban single speed mountain bike rides through peaceful neighborhoods.

I also noticed these bike sensors at the traffic light around the corner from my house.

Park your bike on the little mushroom head guy on a bike and BINGO... light change. People who bitch that nothing is getting done for cyclists in Charlotte... please take notice.

Sunday was kinda more of the same. Urban ride out the door to the Backyard Trails to take a spin on the new stuff we've been working on (I've just been a helper) for the past few months.

Definitely something new for Charlotte. Slow, tech stuff that will actually give riders a challenge. A few sections that have become my favorite in the area... seriously.

Lumpy, weird, awkward... stuff that newbie riders can use to learn low speed handling. Not all bike handling is done at 12-18MPH.

A switchback... a real switchback... in Charlotte.

Exposure to the left hand side is a 15-20 drop down to the creek. It's tight, and once again, a place for new riders to practice a skill that you normally have to drive a couple hours to experience.

You actually have to ride through the car. Really.

Not really.

In other big news...

Light on a Stick II now has a bell.

This will come in handy... when it's dark... and I need a bell.


Moonshine said...

Your new section looks fun! I guess when WC, OVT and DM are in the backyard (I'm in Wilkes) one can get spoiled! But that didn't help yesterday when I burned-in on the rocks near the observation bridge at Dub-C and almost took a swim! Enough about me... This is your blog! Stay classy.

Leanne said...

A few beers in, tagging you did not seem like a dumb thing to do at all.
missing the ride on the other hand, very dumb.

dirtdirt's dirt said...

u r a vagina.

Anonymous said...


Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Rode the new stuff today, too. Will be better in the dark, as all things are. - Your PBE limo driver. Aiigght denn.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

the bell, it's good.