Tuesday, December 6

Soon, my friends

I thought I would have it in me to post up my Dirt Rag Punk Bike Enduro report this morning... at least I that's what I thought last Friday.

My ass was kicked. It was a long, strange trip. A whole lot of this:

photo(s) cred: Christopher Beech

Left me with more of this...

than I wanted to deal with.

I spent last night trying to figure out if it would be easier to just throw the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 in the recycle bin and ride a road bike until my By:Stickel is ready.

No, I think not.

Report tomorrow.

Watch this for the time being:


AdamB said...

Very good to see you, your santa hat and your hangover at PB!

cornfed said...

"Left we with more of this..."

Did you have a mouse in your pocket? Or perhaps a shiny ring. Precious?

dicky said...


tiles said...

is that poston?