Friday, December 2

Yes, West Virginia, there is a Punk Bike Enduro

This week has been about squeezing it all in, just in case I wouldn't be around to see the end of it... the week, that is. The Christmas tree simulator went up as it always does around this time of year. As always, I assemble the tree-like device and then go about my business until it is time for me to put my special two ornaments in place.

Like the tree, the tiny beer is a fake as well. That doesn't stop me from trying, though.

The jersey? That was my "major award: for being smart enough to know that Walt would indeed pee on his bike if he had to.

Back on point, why was I worried that I might not see the end of the week (in Charlotte)?

I did not know if everything would fall into place, but apparently it did, and I am going... tonight. I had to get my shit ready yesterday, starting with my bike.

The gear that was on there was wrong and crunchy. The plan was to replace it with one that was less wrong but equally crunchy in nature. Not wanting to expose my SID to the extreme conditions of a PBE, more work needed to be done before my rig was complete.

Hmmmm... the white wheels are set-up with a standard front axle, but the rear was not shod with rubber, and they're both super clean from an end of the year cleansing I gave them when I thought they were going on the wall for the winter.

I almost hate to admit it, but the Pro Towels do work nicely. It was the one product I told Dick Bruceman I could live without, but I ended up using them anyways. I am cheap about it though, and half-used towels end up wadded up under the moisture saving lid for later use.

Somewhere around here I was ready to give up.

Although it was only 10:59AM, I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and soldiered on. My day's plan did not involve any time behind the wheel of a car, so I assure you this was a very thought out move. Accompanied by the mellow, jazzy tunes of Anthrax, I managed to pull out a victory and build a complete PBE prepped bicycle.

The plan was to then ride said bike to the local short track to check out the work we did Sunday and then do a little Backyard Trail ride on the way home, but a phone call changed all that. Zac (with the assistance of Timmy AKA Ginger Spice) was going to be framing in his carport in order to make it into his future frame building workspace. I like tools, so I headed over there instead.

Beer and tools are okay...

as long as you don't pet the hedgehog.

Whence darkness fell, we worked a little bit longer until it was time to head to the Tarheel Trailblazers monthly meeting (monthly for them, biannual for me).

A busy yesterday now puts me behind in preparations for leaving tonight bound for West By God Virginia, the halfway point of the road trip to PBE and where we will be riding on Saturday before ending up in Pittsburgh to make great bike race. On Sunday, I'm hoping for some of this action:

I won't be back until some time on Monday, so I would say expect to see something close to a "race report" here on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Don't pet the hedgehog. Hahaha!

Karen said...

We can arrange for the nekkid painted people, but probably not the snow.