Wednesday, January 25

Full Metal Jersey

I've noticed something lately. The prolific use of smartphone-type camera devices have brought to my attention the fact that I wear my Twin Six long sleeve jerseys quite frequently. My Deluxe LS from days of yore seems to be the go-to most of the time.

photo cred: Eric Wever

I wear it at work, probably 2-3 days a week.

photo cred: Big Worm

I wear it on local rides and epic misadventures in the mountains.

photo cred: Big Worm

I save my fancy pants Metal long sleeve for impromptu trail work,

photo cred: Don Butler

social occasions,

photo cred: Colt McElwaine

and to impress the ladies.

I can definitely say that my Deluxe LS has seen more wear than any other piece of cycling garb that I own. I know that wool is the wonder material, but there's something to the non-sagging rear pockets, full zipper capability, fleecy fabric happy that my long sleeve T6 jerseys provide that my wool doesn't offer.

I went back through the archives trying to figure out just how long I've owned my Deluxe LS, but Indiana Jones, I ain't. I just know it has kept me happy for years and years now, and it's definitely one of those pieces of gear that I wonder what I was wearing before I got it (like my first Gore Tex coat).

If you want one, you won't get one that looks just like mine since Twin Six updates things every year, but you can get this newer version of the Deluxe:

or this more white, more blue, more Motor:

Regardless off the fact that I love my long sleeve Twin Six jerseys, I still have to give them my


Why? Because they managed to make a piece of gear that has become so critical to my wardrobe that when I either lose it or wear it out, it will feel like I lost a part of me. That, and there is no optional matching cape.

Will I be sporting Twin Six in 2012?

This should answer that question and many other mysteries:

Today's programming was brought to you by the number 6.


AdamB said...

Too bad my fav # is 9.
Maybe I could learn to walk on my hands really well...

BTW, how is the stink factor with that "micro polyester" (not wool) fabric?

wv = sparkl

dicky said...

The constant blather that wool doesn't stink does not hold true for me. All it takes is a little bit of moisture, and months of stank rise from my sheepish garments. That goes for my wool hats and sweaters... not so much my Swiftwick wool socks, but they are a blend, and they get washed every time I wear them.

I would say that the "micro polyester" is on par with other bike jerseys.

If I get 'em stinky, I wash 'em.

1speed said...

Still waiting on my Metal for 2012(impatiently, I might add, since I am an impatient person) ... I own probably 8 or 9 T6 jerseys, and I wear them all the time. My go to now is my 29nsngl, which has been worn for everything from all day epics to short track races.

And AdamB -- here's a trick I learned to de-funk mine: clean with a baking soda-based detergent and then hang them up with dryer sheets in the pockets and sleeves. Then, when they get wet, my pits smell like ocean breezes ...

Acadian said...

We all know the reason you like to wear long sleeve jerseys is to hide the needle marks on your arms.

Kark said...

if we didn't eat lobsters they would live forever?


Anonymous said...

What happened to retro week?