Thursday, January 26

You might want to shield your eyes

Last week I cheated you out of the Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week on Wednesday. I promised to double up at the next opportunity.

Yesterday was that opportunity, and I failed. Like big time failed, like Peter failed.

With the recent spike in traffic after the gratuitous Dirt Rag link and the subsequent yet predictable fall in traffic, I now feel like it's just us again. I feel safe to share my past with you, and nobody else but you.

Spring Break 1989 (I think)

Those are spandex shorts. I wore them... in public... a lot... probably when my Jams were dirty. Also of note, that shirt is proof that I represented Youngstown State University at the Ohio Schick Super Hoops 3 on 3 tournament. Sure, my friends and I only got to "represent" because the guys who actually won the qualifier at YSU decided they didn't want to get up at 4:00AM to attend. Leave it to four quick thinkers sitting at a bar at 2:00AM to realize they could just stay up and make the drive to Columbus and show the rest of the world what the second string Atomic Dawgs could do.

Three white guys and a Filipino. We sucked. We only managed to score about ten points in two games, but I did get one tackle, so it was like a little victory for me.

This next one is just between you and me.

That's The Pie and I way before we finally made our love connection. Just to prove to you that I was into endurance events long before they were cool, we had been up late the night before attending a party at Sully's house. We got up early the next morning to be some of the first people in the gate for a once in a lifetime event. This picture was taken at the 12 Hours of Rock concert back in 1990 (if I had to guess). Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Steppenwolf, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Left End, Wicked Lester... good lord, I can't remember all the bands. If I looked hard enough, I'd probably be able to find the photo of the couple laying in the infield doing "it" about thirty feet away from us.

You wouldn't have wanted to see it anyways.

I wanted to look away, yet I was transfixed by its horrid glory.

I hope that fills the hole you had that needed a'filling.

BTW: Yesterday, Dirt Rag announced that they are THE presenting sponsors for the 2012 Trans Sylvania Epic.

L-R: Rich "Grape Ape" Straub, Josh "Dirt Rag Editor" Patterson, and myself.

This year I will not be so hungover on the day of the final stage that I can't participate in the final stage after the final stage (assuming I figure out a way to be in PA this June).

You know you wanna be there...


Anonymous said...

Gotta have great swagger to sport that mullet.


dicky said...

In those shorts, everyone saw my swagger.

Anonymous said...

bring the mullet back

Junk said...

Ah Youngstown...home of the big a$$ cow and the greatest milk shakes on the planet.

wunball said...

SAWEET mullet.
T-shirt tucked into cycle shorts? Buwahahaha. 5 fashion demerits.
Good on ya though, played 3-3 once, I was skins, flying tackle + ensuing slide = burnt, fresh shaved nipples. Owee.

wunball said...


OrangeCreamCycle said...

that is a very boy george-ish hat in the second pick.. i guess that was the thing in the 90's though

WV: moilitt
as in "gotta have great swagger to sport that moilitt" <serious!

Scott said...

Awesome. Thanks for bringing back retro week. Almost as bad as my passport photo.