Friday, January 27

My emotions are anything but in motion

One week into my "new" job.

Funny, but things don't seem that different than they were seven days ago. Then again, this never happened at my old job:

The Icycle is tomorrow. I am ready...

as far as Brocery shopping goes.

Word to the wise. Never buy beer and chips more than one day out from departure unless you buy twice as much beer and chips than you actually need.

I've been sick for the last week, not "I can't get outta bed" sick, not "walking dead" sick, just "coughing, sneezing, aching, stuffy-head so I can lay awake" sick. This should bode well for the upcoming festivities, and it certainly won't limit my ability to make great bike race.

I am signed up for the single speed class for the cross country race tomorrow afternoon, and as long as I can keep from straying down the dark path to destruction, I should be racing in the Hard-Ass class for the night downhill. I would love to blather on and on and on about the race, but since I spent last night fixing a steam cleaner, my morning is now dedicated to packing my riding clothes, lights, edible underwear, and tiara.

It will be that kinda race.

How motivated am I? Not very. Instead of my usual Rob Zombie get-angry shower music, I have been bathing to the tunes of none other than Billy Squier. Hardly the music to set me off into the freakin' outer space of anger, but that's the kinda mood I'm in.

Somebody please tell me why Billy Squier's 16 Strokes does not include Lonely is the Night?

Seriously? We get his later in life, weaksauce Love is a Hero and his self admitted, career-ending, sexually ambiguous, voted worst video of all time, Rock Me Tonite

but no Lonely is the Night?

Lonely is the night
When you find yourself alone...

Listening to Rock Me Tonite and enjoying it.


AdamB said...

I like words like USS that start with P and end in Y.

wv = bresti (I like those, too)

DRB said...

This coupled with the "servicing" from the other day..... again not judgin' just sayin'.