Tuesday, January 31

It's on like so much Pong

Final score?
Pisgah: 111
You: 0

Well, it's officially official. The Pisgah 111K MTB Race is on.

The permits are no longer pending. The permits have been permitted. The registration is up (here or here). The numbers are limited. First come, first two hundred served.

This race will be hard. Achievable by those that consider themselves mortals, but definitely a ball buster of a race (ovary buster for the women's field). Am I stoked to be pumped about being pumped to be stoked for this race?

I guess so.

Training starts today.

I don't really know what that means, but I'm wearing my chamois 24-7 until the event.

It's my favorite shirt anyhoo.

Yes, there are other races in the Southeast scheduled for the same day. After many talks with Eric "111k Honcho" Wever, I have once again found a deeper understanding of race promotion. A lot of thinking, rules, calendars, organization, bureaucracies, agencies, and whatnot go into putting a race on the schedule. So many factors to consider when selecting a date for your event.

Eric said "Fuck that" and threw a dart at the wall.

I kid.

So race for 12 hours on buff trails or do yet another NUE race. That's fine, if that's your thing.

Just don't hate the waiter.

Hate the menu.

Remember, he can touch your food...

with his balls.


Jon Danger said...

Chamois time is training time.

Jon Danger said...

Also, Sham-wow time is training time.

wunball said...

I'd pay good money to see my waiter teabag your cactus flambe'.