Wednesday, February 1

Africa, Australia, whatever...

The Southeast Bike Expo is a little over three weeks away.

Did I even mention at any moment in time before now that there was a bike expo coming to the Southeast?

I can't remember, but it is coming regardless of my remembrance or lack thereof of its very existence. There are a shit ton of companies coming with bikes to ride, stuff to touch, and stickers to surreptitiously plunder before absconding to the surrounding woods. If you are thinking about plunking down some money on some cycling related goods this year, this could be your chance to play with it in person beforehand. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the event is being held in Conyers, historically significant to mountain bikers in that it happens to be the place where yours truly became World Champ in 2006.

Something else went on there in 1996,

but it paled in comparison to the moment that changed the cycling world forever. This would be your chance to ride someone else's bike around the trails that I personally made famous.

The URL for the Southeastern Bike Expo does bother me a little though.

I see bike.

I see sex.

I see a bike in sex.

I expect to see some porn, some bike related porn... something.

Oh well, admission is $20-25 depending on when you register, and the proceeds will benefit IMBA/SORBA.

This week's Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week may be a little disappointing to some of you that are expecting a constant supply of mullets, acne, tinted glasses, jams, spandex, and cats.

That's a scan of a photo of a drawing that I created whilst in college. On the left is The Bush Man (Africanus Aboriginus) and on the right is the The Busch Light Man (Draftus Dependicus) also known as Eric Tupper, my roommate. Please disregard my geographical ignorance and my total disregard for cultural anthropology. I personally apologize to my entire Aboriginal readership (which I probably just doubly offended) for the ignorance of this once young, semi-uneducated man.

The first person to point out the cultural signifiance of Eric's shirt will get a big hug from me the next time I see you, maybe not in public, but a hug all the same.


CB2 said...

Doug Williams, #17, was the first and I believe only black quarterback to win the Superbowl.

Only cleavage from the Olympic Champ, not the World Champ?

TheMutt said...

I'll see you at the Expo. Don't try having sex with the bikes down there.

wunball said...

Rumor has it the metaplow racer has a penchant for tea-baggin' bottles in the feed zone nice when ya pass and hate the menu not the guy ridin' on pink spokes.

Lee said...

Will you be at the expo? Some friends and I were going to head up from middle Georgia and check it out.

dicky said...

Dunno if I'm going yet or not.

BUCK said...

You should stop riding and draw more.

fatbob29r said...

What ever became of the moots?