Friday, February 24

Ain't no party like a progress party

The Pegboard of Plethora project moves forward.

Rather than just have a wall mounted pegboard, I wanted a work surface close by as well. Sure, I already have a bench, but the only thing better than a bench is a credenza. Luckily the ReStore had what I needed for next to nothing... and it was made out of something called "wood." Must be an antique. I'm prepared to get very organized.

Last night, Kangalangmangus dropped off some pegboard, 2X4's, brackets, and assorted peg things, so this project is about to have life breathed into it very soon. The old bench will soon be cleared off and used as a display area for a Lord of the Rings diorama. Not sure if I should go Isengard or Helm's Deep.

That doesn't make sense to me. But, then again, I am very small.

I'm leaving for the Southeast Bike Expo tomorrow with fellow Team Bike 29 throbbing member, Chris Muddiman. The plan is to leave at 6:30AM, ride/demo as many bike as possible, hopefully log 50+ miles, relive the fading memories of my World Championship victory, recreate the podium moment that I never had (I left early), and celebrate with my first beer in four weeks.

The weather is looking good, so come out. Don't forget, if you are coming down to make great bike ride, bring the following:

Your riding shoes
Your pedals
Your helmet
My beer money

Myself, I'll be bringing this as well:

Let's face it, demo bikes have just as much of a chance of failure as your own. I don't wanna spend my ride time walking four miles back to the expo area, so bring your shit with you.

If you go by the Dedicated Athlete booth, stop and tell them all that Shane Schreihart is a doper. I heard he's on that EP-NO stuff.

And grab me some samples while you're there. I'm not worried about the adverse side-effects.


TheMutt said...

50+ miles? Pfffft. I'm shooting for 50+ beers.

WV: fingeri insholi

Must be a backwoods Georgia thing.

pv said...

Shaved legs, shower shoes 'n lemon-squeezer tittays.

I'm in love.

Yer wallet has holes in it, Dicky.

ssjohn said...

Holy CO2 cartridges batman!

Rob said...

Enjoy the riding, faded glory and especially the beers!