Thursday, February 23

I've been cheating

I don't have any improved/approved images of my By:Stickel. Various commenters asking about clearcoat options on my raw frame pushed me over the brink, and I went ahead and asked Steve if this was an option. I think I made his head crimple. All along the process, I've been asking him "What if... ?" way too much.

The problem being that he was moving right along the whole time much faster than I'm used to.

Me: "Steve, what if we went with the Phil Wood half-link EBB?"

Steve: "I'm already building your frame."

Me: "Doh."

Suffice it to say, if I wanted to go with a clearcoat, things woulda/shoulda been differently from the start, things that can't be undone now. Back to my first choice on my frame that is already built.

And what a frame he built.

That's interesting. I always thought it was odd to brace between the seatstay/chainstay on slider equipped frames. The backside of the brace has a private message stamped on it. Maybe you'll see it later.

I found images of my first and second single speed on my mom's computer. I have no idea what they're doing on there.

My first single speed, the Planet X Ridgeback (I think that's what it was called). It was not meant to be a single speed, but a variable chainlength geared dirt jump bike. Single speeding was not as popular back then, so getting a 5" fork compatible stock SS frame was not an option in 2003. There were only certain stay lengths available, so I was stuck in 34X17 most of the time.

It was this bike that convinced me that I never wanted less than 5" travel up front. Sooooo much fun. Somewhere I've got a picture of me getting air on it with my tongue hanging out... my mom doesn't have that one. Its dirt jumper oriented, beefy aluminum frame used to beat the living shit out of me, but it was a stick-and-move short chainstay missile.

Anyways, this bike was my gateway drug. I sold it and my Titus Hard Core Racer so I could scrape up the money to get a 5" fork compatible custom frame from Gene Spicer.

I loved that bike. If the Planet X didn't push me over the edge, this bike did. A purpose built single speed wrecking machine. This is the bike that convinced me that single speeding was the way of the future, or at least my future. After less than a year of riding it, I sold my Ellsworth ID and the Spicer to Big Worm (who destroyed it at Trans Germany) so I could plunk down some serious coin on a Dean... the OG Meatplow.

I love every part of custom bikes... right down to custom tools for custom bikes made by a man of metal, like this piece from Anvil (his main site is getting work done, but his flickr is running full steam):

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd buy two of everything he makes and start building shitty frames (with the goal of making nice frames ten years from now after I get a healthy, eccentric beard going).

Sorry honey.

Single speeds

Custom frames

Bike builds lubricated with beer

I'm in love... with the other woman.


Anonymous said...

No SouthernX this weekend? You big Sally!

dicky said...

Nope, going to the Southeast Bike Expo. Bikes, beer, friends... in that order.

dougyfresh said...

what? no tank-less water heater?

dicky said...

That's Steve's still. All pasty white bearded hill people have them in their basements.

John Parker said...

ok well I guess it will be orange with white panels...not a bad second choice? or if you want to go over the top how about celeste (bianchi green) panels?

but what's really of concern is why you picked the local park to take pictures of your Planet X?

were you doing some hucking off the picnic tables?

dicky said...

That was the playground in front of my then appartment. There were walls all around the parking areas to huck from.

pv said...

Wait, what? Too late NOT to paint a frame? Buff it and clear it.

Failing that, white with black moo-cow spots, it'll match one of my favorite sponsors ball caps- Udderly sMOOth. GOD I love this stuff...


Andrea said...

Ryan is lucky that I'm in love with carbon and not custom-anything, jewelry, or shoes.