Wednesday, February 22

Your standard Wednesday... oh, and my frame is built

Let's get this out of the way, the Wednesday Retro Dick Pic of the Week.

Probably something like 1986, Deep Valley Christian Service Camp. I can't remember if I was a camp counselor or a camper that week. Pictured with me is Mike Rozman. I'd like to think that we all had our Mike Rozman's in life... so many stories. The Great Bee Wars, The Bean Can Lid Incident, Blizzard Walk, The Circle of Pain. Ask me to spin a yarn when you see me. You probably won't believe what I tell you, but I swear it's all true. And trust me, a well thrown bean can lid can lacerate your leg deep enough to sever a major blood vessel. I've seen it.

I received my Paragon Machine Works hardware yesterday.

Sweet looking black post mount hotness. No idea why more people don't get the "None More Black" option. The ti combination hardware was bought with a specific purpose in mind. I'll always set it up at home using my Topeak digital torque wrench set at 27nm and a 10mm 12 point socket. That will preserve the integrity of the 6mm allen heads for field adjustments. Sweet.

Also recently in:

A matching left handed Z-cage, new bolt-on skewers (my other set had too short of a rear to work on the PMW sliders), and a MOOTSpost sticker to refurbish my MOOTSpost... but just one. I'm gonna have to call my distributor later.

I'm still waiting on a couple parts (wheels and rotors), but hopefully it will all come together soon since this By:Stickel of mine has come together already.

It is done, minus some powder coat, decals, and seven coats of Turtle Wax. I have no permission to share the photos I got yesterday, so I'm gonna ask Steve for a good round of images before the frame heads out the door.

If you have time, especially if you're one of the fortunate 200 people who will get to do the inaugural Pisgah 111K, check out this article in the Citizen Times.


pv said...

D- leave the frame in the raw, buff and clear-coat it and show off those pretty little welds.

Avoid the meh-factor, getta matching fork too...

CB2 said...

Put that 12 point back in Grandma's kitchen drawer.

John Parker said...

+1 on keeping the frame raw with a nice clear coat.... maybe with some white decals for a good tie in for your fork and rims?

since this is retro wed thouse must be control tech bolt on skewers right?

pv said...

I say none-more suede black on the fork and same for sponsor logos on the raw frame.

I'd also rather stick needles in my eyes than publicly admit I ever dressed like THAT (which BTW I never did). Jeeebuz man.

Anonymous said...

I will still be faster than you.


Scott said...

Best retro pic ever!