Tuesday, February 21

So much to see and do...

If one were trying to buy a Race, Hitch, Back Forty ,or Clutch strap or just a Tülbag right now at this very moment, one might have to wait awhile to get it. You see, the folks at Backcountry Research some times need a break from all the sewing, and cutting, and sewing, and sweating, and sewing, and beer drinking. The "Store" is closed until Feb 27th, that would be next Monday for the calendrically challenged or 5/14th of a fortnight from now for the more mathematically inclined old timers.

You might notice, if you're the kind of person who notices things, that two new products are coming soon. The Slab will be replacing a piece of gear that I use that was not originally intended to be used for what I use it for. Right now I'm kinda using a oven mitt as hat, and while it doth cover my head, it is certainly no hat. The Slab isn't either. Are you confused? If so, my work here is done.

The other new product you can expect is the Fönbag. I'm sure you can guess what this will be without thinking too hard. It was something I asked for shortly after getting my Tülbag, lost interest in when I realized I could shove my Not-So-Smart phone into an old prototype Tülbag, and regained interest in when I went for my first ride with my Oh-So-Smart phone. It's a product that makes sense, will be well constructed and thought out, and sold at a sensible price point. It will not be a glorified Ziploc bag, and you will not be able to fit a full size baguette into the Fönbag no matter how much butter you slather on it.

You'll see something when there is something to see, I assure you.

FYI: Online registration for the Southeast Bike Expo ends tonight at midnight. You can register when you get there this weekend... but you'll just have to pay more. The weather is looking good
four days out for some bike riding on OPB (Other People's Bikes). The beer is looking even better than the weather.

On Saturday my dry spell is over, and I'm coming out swinging.

Important thing to remember if you're going to attend (that I woulda forgot had they not reminded me on Facebook):

Just a reminder, Please bring your pedals, helmet, and hydration if you want to demo bikes. You can bring your bike to so you can test out lights for some of the bike companies Saturday night.

Will there be a shit ton of exhibitors there?

Yes, I would say that's a shit ton.


pv said...

Did your nuts come in a "strap"? Neither should your tubes. Bag that shit boys.

You eastern dood's is strange.

Shane S. said...

I'll be helping in the Dedicated Athlete booth Saturday or Sunday. Let's drink bikes and ride beer!See you there!Should be a blast!

Anonymous said...

Shit ton, yes. But not quite a shload.

dicky said...

I will be manning the Undedicated Unalthletic Booth Saturday night. Stop by!

Big E said...

Phonbag!!! My prayers to the great tulbag creator hath been answered! Hallelujah! Holy shit.... Where's the tylenol?

pv said...

Do you have seperate area's for sleeved and sleeveless tops?

I'm betting all your pot handles point north, don't they.

Now THAT'S pinched.