Monday, February 20

Getting somewhere by going nowhere

Not drinking beer has made me entirely too productive. I was up at 4:50AM on Saturday, got in a great ride my neighbor Todd, and spent most of the rest of the evening socializing. When I got home, I started to work on the broken steam cleaner. The Pie told me to go to bed around 11:30PM, but I was up at 6:45AM working on the steam cleaner again. There were some deeply embedded screws, so rather than go over to Home Depot (literally three minutes down the road by bike) and get a longer Phillips head, I created mine own.

I got the steam cleaner fixed (fuck you, steam cleaner), piddled around my bike room (including installing XTR pedals to my Race Face Deus cranks that are going on the By:Stickle), took my mom recliner shopping, and then watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with the family. At 9:40PM I got a bug up my ass and totally moved my bike room/office around.

What was the point?

I've been eyeballing Thad's new bike room...

Corporate, clean, artsy fartsy, cute, efficient, organized, a Happy Meal of efficiency.

And I've been looking at Stevil's new digs...

Manly, spartan, rugged, gloomy, under-lit, organized, a Royale with cheese of a bike room.

I notice they both have something I do not, a peg board.

I normally keep my tools in various tool boxes, trays, and orderly stacks until I need them, but slowly and surely they take over my work bench until it is covered with shifting piles of bike repair implements rendering my bench useless until an anal retentive, beer fueled cleansing rectifies the situation.

This will be addressed soon...

My work stand has been moved to the end of the room near a blank wall that will soon host a new Pegboard of Plethora instead of a Village of Andover sign.

Of course the only thing standing between me and a nicely arranged pegboard replete with pegboard mounted tools is effort and money.

We'll see how that goes...


dukmon said...

I just wrapped up completion of Batson Bike Room/Shop Version 1.2.

I went so far, maybe too far, as to prime and paint my peg board.

It's pretty suhweeet.

AdamB said...

"Effort and money"
If I could only count the number of great things I almost reached if not for "effort and money."
So close... and yet, so far.
And then, look at the wv!

wv = work assttub

pv said...

Nice re-do. What, no doilies?

If you and them hairy apes are comin' out to the left coast next month for the UCI races leme know we got yer back if ya need anything.

dicky said...

UC What?

fatbob29r said...

I think you need to step up your game, why be equal with an inferior 1970's peg board... phhhttt old timer, get with it and outclass those knuckle draggers with an '80's slat board! Who the f*ck do they think they are trying to outclass the big Dick?

dukmon said...

Like an expecting mother making a nesting space for baby Stickel.

pv said...

U.C. ....oh "I" give up...I'll take it as a no.